1. M

    GLE W166 tow bar and electric.

    On the lookout for a towbar for my 2015 GLE please. If you have one for sale please let me know. Cheers
  2. grober

    New BMW electric mini concept

  3. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Right found the problem with my drivers window turned out to be a faulty relay after swapping relay to passenger side and the problem followed so went to the scrappy and picked up a relay put in the where the passenger relay goes and there was a big flash and a short faulty relay so took the...
  4. M

    Ml electric window problem

    Hi ive been on with the car all day and no further forward and was hooing some one can shine a bit light on the matter i have a 2001 ml 270 cdi the front drivers window goes down no problem at all but wont come back up now i have ruled the motor out as i have a spare which i tested on passenger...
  5. C

    W208 electric seat issue

    Back again. Passenger electric seat won't go forwards or backwards. I can hear a solenoid or relay click under the seat but no movement. All advice appreciated before I start ripping into it!
  6. Peter DLM

    Electric Smart

    I've been driving this today. I have to say I was fairly sceptical but I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm really impressed and will gladly swap my current 17 reg petrol version for one. It's easily as fast, or maybe even faster, than the petrol up to 70mph, which is all I need for my daily...
  7. MikeInWimbledon

    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    Fascinating announcement by the Government regarding electric cars by 2040. The Government currently takes £30 million in fuel taxes from our cars. Will electric car usage really continue to be tax-free? It seems curious generosity.
  8. grober

    BMW to build Electric Mini in Oxford

    Electric Mini to be built in Oxford - BBC News The electric bit - the drivetrain, which includes the motor, gearbox and battery pack - will be assembled in Germany, and fixed to the rest of the car in the factory. BMW currently makes electric motors and batteries for all of its electric cars...
  9. C

    electric seats

    Hi does anyone know if memory leather seats from a 1993 w124 coupe can be fitted to my 1988 coupe with manual adjustment on passenger side and electric driver seat. many thanks
  10. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    .. How does the heated element work? Is it by a separate switch or do the only come on when the rear demister is applied? I have a set arrived and wondered how the heated element works as there doesn't appear to be a switch on the switch panel, only a movement control..
  11. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    Besides the obvious: Electric Mirrors Window Switches What else do I need to make the conversion from Manual to Electric ? :dk:
  12. C

    Electric Problem

    Hi All, New to the site but not to the MB products, I have just purchased a 1989 W107 SL420. The car has developed a fault blowing fuse number 11 I believe is the electric windows and locking system. Any points ? also the relay above the fuse box to the right is over heating does anyone know...
  13. N

    C350e - replacement latch for electric flap

    Hi guys The rear bumber of my car has taken a knock (not serious), but the latch for the flap that covers the charging socket is now broken. The flap itself is fine, but no longer stays shut. Anyone know the best place to source a replacement, and any idea of cost? I'm guessing it's...
  14. T

    Electric Folding Mirrors

    I've just got a 2015 ML250 and heard that I can set the Electric folding mirrors to close when I lock and vice versa when I unlock. Anyone able to help with this?
  15. D

    Fitting electric folding mirrors

    Hi All, Looking into fitting electric folding mirrors to our 2011 W204. The current ones are the arrow type but do not fold. I have noticed some mirrors have a small light underneath them and others do not. Does it matter if they have the light underneath? I think it looks cool :cool: Cheers
  16. S

    E320 coupe electric roof/windows

    The automatic closure of the roof and windows by activating them with keyfob has ceased to work. I can still close them individually. I have checked the key fob battery and the car still locks okay, any ideas please.
  17. developer

    Electric Garage Doors

    Can I have opinions and recommendations on electric garage doors please? I have a 30 year old Wessex GB1 jobbie, just under 4m wide, and it needs replacing. I want security, style, functionality and thermal efficiency. I assume there are good ones and bad ones out there and I don't want...
  18. Vintage Racer

    New 'AA' Class 'Electric' Mercedes!!

    http://sundown.me.uk/technology/mercedes-aa-class.mp4 - :D
  19. A

    W124 Passenger Side Electric Seat Switch

    Wanted; one passenger side electric seat switch, without memory: 124 821 27 51. Thanks, Andy
  20. W

    How rare? Designo electric green clk

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and found this site on my quest to find out more information on the car I've just bought. The car was owned by my brother for six years and I've just got it from him. I've been trying to find more information about the colour. I know it was a special order colour...
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