1. swannymere

    Electricity Pylons for Iceland

    How much would these freak you out after a few beers on the walk home from the pub?
  2. Steve Holland

    GAS ELECTRICITY in the home a Question of use.

    Hi folks this is way off topic but some of the stuff on here suggests I may get an answer with the wealth of knowledge out there. I have also googled for info but have not found a precise or useful answer..............and the family and friends have no idea either. Okay the scenerio for...
  3. L

    all electricity goes off when running w202

    The problem is intermittent, sometimes when just cruising all lights on the car turn off, then I mean every single light-headlights, taillights, instrument cluster the only lights that work are the brake lights. But I can sometimes get the lights going again if I just give it a little gas and...
  4. Godot

    : 3M window film generates electricity, blocks light

    3M showed new window film that both cuts infrared light transmission through the glass and collects solar power from both indoor and outdoor lightsources. A square meter of the film can generate enough electricity to charge an iPhone under peak sunlight. Video: 3M window film generates...
  5. R

    1000 units of electricity...

    ...how much do you pay a quarter for 1000 units? In Belfast the best cost is £129.30.
  6. M

    Electricity metering problem - hypothetical!

    Let's imagine that Fred Smith has been living in a house since 2007. He has a 3-phase supply previously installed for Economy 7 heaters (that are long gone). He's using the Day/Night tariff with his billing company, everything's been going well, Siemens reads the meters from time to time, bills...
  7. W

    help reading new electricity meter

    I have a new electricity meter. The old one was easy to read since it had two displays for high and low rate. The new one just has a single display with a cycle/menu button. So how do I know which is my day and night rate? The photos aren't so clear, but in this photo there is a '1' in the...
  8. A

    540i no electricity!

    I knoowwww this is a Mercedes forum but i have a problem which may sound relatively simple to car mechs, and i feel a bit stranded on the bmw forum so i'll give it a go here. If i'm breaking any rules just delete the thread. The car hasn't given me a single issue to date, but it has now broken...
  9. Mudster

    Electricity costs dispute

    Before I get my solicitor involved in this I thought I'd run it past any legal minds here to see if I'm simply wasting my time. I (and my business neighbours to varying degrees) have a dispute with our landlord with regard to electricity costs. We rent a warehouse unit under a three year lease...
  10. X

    How much do you spend on gas / electricity

    Just wondering how much people spend on energy (Electricity + Gas) at home. What sparked this off was an article in Sunday Telegraph regarding an underground 4 bed "Eco Home" which is supposedly super insulated with a geothermal heatpump, heat recovery system and other "green" credentials (no...
  11. flango

    Gas & Electricity Suppliers

    Has anyone any experience of using a company called First Utility for electricity and gas supplies? I'm currently with N Power & British Gas but N Power have made a mess of my billing by continually using estimates, even though I have supplied the meter reading by phone. So time for a...
  12. Donza

    Moving out of my house...council tax and electricity

    First house, and i have decided to leave Leeds and move to the West Mids Area. unsure about whether to sell it or rent it yet. I'm moving back into my parents house for the meantime. I want to shut the leccy off and the gas as i wont be living in it anymore until its sold. Also i need to tell...
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