1. 2

    Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

    I am thinking of installing aftermarket electromagnetic parking sensors in my clk 240 (w209). I am hoping for shorter distance range operation, lower installation cost, avoiding bumper drilling. Does anyone have any experience with these sensors as opposed to the more popular ultrasonic ones...
  2. Tan

    Electromagnetic parking sensors

    Hi I am looking at adding parking sensors to a couple of my cars and was wondering what are peoples experiences of the electromagnetic parking sensors that fit behind the bumper or is it best to stick with the traditional ultrasonic type sensors that you fit in the bumpers? Thanks Tan
  3. S

    electromagnetic fan clutch removal

    Hi I am in the process of replacing the water pump on my W123 1986 230E I have been able to remove the old water pump but the electromagnetic fan on the old one will just not budge. Any ideas or suggestions tips or tricks for how I can get this off?
  4. NormanB

    W124 (1989) Engine Cooling Fan - Electromagnetic Fan.

    W124 (1989) Engine Cooling Fan - Electromagnetic Fan Clutch. Hi I had a bank holiday motoring experience today and I feel a 'reet chump'! Basically spent an hour in start stop conditions and engine temp rose...and rose until (I suspect) the expansion chamber pressure cap lifted and let go...
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