1. esox

    Any electronics boffins here?

    I like to listen to the radio whilst tinkerin` in the garage. Due to the violent destruction after the recalcitrant piece of crap ****** me off one time too many sad demise of the mini hi-fi that i used to have installed in the workshop i now find myself listening to an ancient car...
  2. B

    Help! Dashboard fault lights, no electronics c class 2012

    Hi, I am after some advice as to what the problem might be and some alternative solutions as I just know the dealer will charge a small fortune! The problem seem to occur in the mornings, but once it starts, the car works fine until the next morning. Basically, when I turn the key, all manner...
  3. I

    Electronics Advice Needed!

    Hi, I have been having issues with my power boot opener/closer on my CLS 500. Everything appears fine on STAR, boot normalised, no faults recorded. I did some investigation and I have I believe that the problem lies within the control unit. In particular the motor control relay. I have come...
  4. I

    W204 Electronics glitching

    In the last month I've had 3 odd glitches on my 2012 W204 220 Cdi AMG Sport estate (35,000 miles) - absolutely stock. 1. Driving in Gloucester on 40mph road with speed limiter set, doing a short steep descent let the limiter do its thing, half way down the door locks popped. Unsettling! 2...
  5. D

    E320cdi 2007 turbo actuator electronics

    This is my first post and this is my first MB. It’s an E320cdi face lift on a 57 plate and I have had it for 6 months (I have to say its awesome) It has done 115,000miles and came with a full main dealer service history. Unfortunately it has started to suffer with the (common from reading...
  6. T

    Electronics and sams

    Electronics and sams w220 04 Hi I have a S350 2004 I have had the car for over 14 months a recent fault has lead me to purchase a icarsoft i980 which has identified some faults in the electricals. It has thrown up SAM DR front left SAM front Right SAM rear I also have faults on...
  7. I


    Hi, does anyone here know a trustworthy independent Mercedes auto electrician in or around Maidstone in Kent?
  8. C

    DVD system

    Hi all, bit of a cheeky question to ask.. I have a 15 plate E250 with built in DVD system and for the first time i thought i would try watching a DVD and realized that the screen turns off when the car is in motion whilst also displaying a warning message 'screen turned off whilst car in motion...
  9. C

    Wing Mirror - Reversing

    Might sound like a silly question but ive had my Mercedez E250 CDI (2015) for around 2 months now and I noticed that when you put the car into Reverse the left side wing mirror doesn't move down to show you the curb. I thought this would be a pretty standard feature as my old 2010 BMW 320d had...
  10. M

    W204 Strange Behaviour

    Ever since I bought my C200 it has displayed the following odd behaviour. Every so often: - The temperature gauge drops to zero - The engine fan comes on - The heater comes on. If I pull over and switch off the ignition and then switch on again everything returns to normal. This used to...
  11. V

    vito 115 cdi engine electronics

    I have a 639 vito with a 646 982 engine. The engine will not rev past 3000rpm-limp mode. Engine light is on and I am getting the following fault codes: boost pressure sensor signal is incorrect fuel rail pressure sensor signal pedal position sensor signal cyl 4 glow plug I have replaced the...
  12. M

    W124 various electronics related questions

    Hi all, it's my first post here, hope to spend some good time in this forum. I have a 1994 W124 E220 sedan A/T. Got some questions. 1) Combination switch doesn't turn on high beams when you pull it towards the steering wheel and hold it, what can be wrong? All other functions (wiper and turning...
  13. Kingpin!

    Electronics in MB - better these days?

    I've heard that MB used to have more fault-prone electronics in their cars prior to 2007, is this true? If this is in fact true, is the year 2007 correct or how is it possible to know how to check it when buying a used car? Is it the same for all models? Also, what kind of problems could...
  14. J

    Car electronics work and car will crank but won't turn over.?

    Hi. I went to use my Saturn and it wouldn't start. The radio and lights all seem to be working fine and the car cranks but just won't turn over. Everything worked fine last night when I used it then.
  15. S

    E-class W207 electronics changes over model years

    Hi all, I am considering the E-class coupe (pre-facelift, used) from 2010 onwards, and I wanted to know if there were any major changes in the COMAND system, etc. I did a bit of googling/forum searching and I saw that in 2012 sometime the COMAND changed from NTG 4 to version NTG 4.5 -...
  16. Mo-benz

    Electronics in general on command centre

    I'm in my 3rd day ownership of c63 now and am currently exploring the cars elecs & whether the iPhone connector in the glove depot is just for charging/connecting point for the command system. I want to know if such system exits in place to transfer live sound out of my iPhone 4S into cars...
  17. T

    Any electronics experts ?

    I'm after some help with something I'd like to make, which would make my life a lot easier and I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here! I want to build a wireless trailer board, but don't quite know how I would transfer the signals wirelessly from the towbar plug to the board...
  18. N

    Need help from electronics wizards

    I have a brand new 300km/h cluster from pre-facelift w210 E55 AMG, this cluster fits 1997 - 1999 cars w/o tiptronic. I want to use the 300 faceplate installed into my C43 cluster. Anyone knows the best solution to get correct needle speed reading as the digits are not in the same place compared...
  19. R

    w202 electronics or lack off

    right hi there guys just got my self a fine old motorway bus a c250 td manuel on a w reg few things that are bugging me firstly the traction control and the abs dont work . all the warning lights come on before you start the engine so bulbs are still in the dash amber abs one on the left...
  20. M

    W202 with OM605 turbo electronics

    Hi folks noob here. Straight off the bat I am going to ask for some advice/knowledge. On Saturday I am going to be removing a 605 turbo for a project I have been working on for years but never finished. Anyway does anybody know what parts of the electronics I need to keep for the conversion...
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