1. S

    Pre heater element

    Can someone tell me if the 2007 w204 has a preheater element I read the car with one of those i980 scanners and it mentioned this had a fault... Also something about footwell heat sensor faulty Can anyone point me in the right direction.. cheers all P.s. its a elegance model
  2. T

    Heating element for the windscreen washer reservior

    I am going to retrofit the heating element for the windscreen reservoir into my one on my W208 320, but Does anyone know where I get the water feed for the element ? Many thanks
  3. T

    iPad Element Case Stand

    Got an Element Case CNC machined Alloy stand for an Ipad 1 or 2. Comes with zipper case for transporting it about, and it allows your ipad to be held landscape or portrait. It still allows access to the home button. Can also be titled to 3 different angles. All brand new and unused. The pics...
  4. T

    Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops Case for iPhone 4/4S

    Hi Chaps! Got one of these a while back when I was over in the US with work and never fitted it, so all is brand new and boxed. They cost quite a bit as they are alloy cases. I think you will pay in the region of £100 for one new. Here is the blurb from the website followed by pictures of the...
  5. brens-e200

    retro fit heated seat element to w210 leather

    hi all with this cold spell of ours i'am considering installing the following kit into my 1999 W210 E240 with leather seats. I have 2 questions: 1. has anyone here attempted this before and what are your views ? 2. has anyone seen/have the procedure to loosen the leather from the frame...
  6. A

    Not Ebay W202/208 Fresh Air Element

    Are these supposed to be changed on a regular basis? FRESH AIR ELEMENT A2028002375 - MERCEDES 202 208 on eBid United Kingdom Andy
  7. drussellwilks

    Cigar Lighter Element for W124

    A new or used lighter element (just the button bit) for a Mercedes W124, can pay via paypal.
  8. M

    How hard to replace heated seat element?

    Hi there. Tested the drivers heated seat on my W210 and found it to be open circuit. Tried the (working) passenger side and got a reading of about 2.5 Ohms. I have 12v at the loom and the switch and fuse are fine. So it looks like the element is bost. Hoiw hard is it to replace? Is it...
  9. M

    Heated Seat Element Failure

    As covered in other threads, my wife's 2001 CLK320 cab has suffered a few problems including one I'd forgotten - a failed heated seat element on the driver's side. The seat had a real hot-spot and we didn't anything about it during the warranty period (1 year as it was an import). Last...
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