1. Druk

    The Elephant in the Room

    So. Trump or Clinton. Who's going to win and why? Six-guns at the ready.....
  2. WDB124066

    The Elephant has taste...

    Elephant in heat tries to mount car in Thailand | Stuff.co.nz
  3. N

    Would you hunt an Elephant?

    Hard to do without a rifle.
  4. kalvin928

    elephant man e55 w211 drivers seat

    picked up the e55 yesterday.... will post pics and stuff soon.... anyway wife had to drive car whilst I was at work.... she couldn't adjust seat but managed to mess about with the lumber support located at bottom of chair.... anyway when I got home I thought the seat was going to explode...
  5. stevesey

    Insurance for Daughter - Admiral, Elephant, Diamond, Bell?

    These 4 are by far the cheapest for a 17/18 year old - any experiences, good, bad or otherwise before I sign up?
  6. W

    Insurance time again (groan) - Elephant

    Insurance time again! (groan) Tried all the usual suspects and in the end went for a policy with Elephant (part of Admiral Insurance so I gather) Considering my age (22), Greater London postcode, type of vehicle, where it is kept and what it is used for etc etc... Fully Comprehensive...
  7. Alfie

    Insurance DL vs elephant vs L&V

    Just had my insurance renewal in for next month. As I'm probably going to sell the car soon, it wont be too much of an issue however I thought i'd just run through the usual exercise of comparing quotes. Present policy comprehensive on the ML £357 with direct line. Renewal price from...
  8. S

    OT: movie reccomendation - elephant

    if you ahve watched bowling for coloumbine and liked that film then you will like this it is sort of what went on that day focusing on different things, they kept a lot of detail liek the shooters telling one person they liked to hop it but they changed some pretty big bits in it tho...
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