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    Eletric folding mirror fault

    I recently bought a c220 cdi. I tried the folding button for the first time and the driver side mirror is stuck. I hear a click but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. H

    eletric window ml270 fault

    Hi:confused: all New member first post. my driver side window will not go up or down, have removed panel and everything looks ok eletric motor working etc any help appreciated. many thanks Michael.
  3. Laters

    w202 eletric aerial mast part No. ??????

    Does anyone have the part number of the replacement mast for a w202 (1995) electric aerial? Ive only just got round to trying to sort it out and have found out that the mast is bent and broken and had been jammed back in. It soon fired the old mast out as soon as I undid the nut on the top and...
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