1. L

    Email Issue

    If I click on an email address on a website, it brings up Outlook. How can I change this so that I can use my usual hotmail email system? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gary Beale

    Email when a reply is posted

    Hi All How do I get the site to email me when a reply to my post is posted?
  3. Palfrem

    Dodgy email spam, but initially convincing

    Got an email purportedly coming from a company called Viktorsteel. "Dear Mr Full, correct name used, We are now processsing (sic) your order (nine digit number here) , please find your order details below: Your order has been placed and In Stock items will be sent to the address shown...
  4. S

    Ebay and Email Hacked

    My uber account was somehow hacked a couple of weeks ago resulting in me deleting the app and no longer using uber. Not sure how this happened as I don't use uber on pc Yesterday, I had to change my password in order to log into ebay and saw messages stating "unauthorised use of my account"...
  5. D

    using non bt email addresses through bt broadband

    I've kept the same email address for ages (old freeserve one). I've used several ISP over the years and simply altered the smtp for the new provider to allow me to send mail. I've just signed up with BT and I can't get this to work. I did, I managed to get one mail out but I didn't realise the...
  6. Druk

    Email sender getting spam message

    So this is a genealogist that I regularly communicate with in Germany. Last night she tried to send me a mail with a couple of small attachments and it came back at her that my email was a spam address. We've exchanged mails for the past four months without trouble and she sent me the refusal...
  7. L

    Invalid Email Address

    I use Hotmail (yes, I know) and have been getting a lot of junk mail. When I go to block some of these emails, I get a message 'Invalid Email Address' . My question- how does email arrive with me from an invalid email address? If I use an incorrect email address, I cannot send the email. How do...
  8. MD5

    Sky email

    Is anyone having problems logging in to their Sky email accounts today?
  9. developer

    Migrating a email domain name

    Hello guys, My current home office PC needs replacing - old, poor capacity, running Vista. It has Microsoft Office Outlook 2003-2013 where I access my email account. If I buy a new desktop, what will I need to enable me to carry on using my
  10. Notwen

    W204 Audio 20 not displaying iPhone emails

    I have done a search and can't find anything similar. Up until recently the Audio 20 in my 2013 C220 would display incoming text messages and emails from my iPhone 5c There have been several IOS updates and while text messages still display on the screen, I can't get emails to show any longer...
  11. Druk

    Linking sub-account to email client

    I have opened an email sub-account in wifies name with BT Yahoo mail. That works OK but would like to link it to my Thunderbird email so that any incoming could be read without logging in to Yahoo...which is a pain. BT Mumbai say it can't be done. Are they correct? Ta.
  12. ash59fifty-uk

    'Welcome to the club' Mercedes- E-mail, legit?

    Hey all Received this email today (screenshot uploaded below) and have been wondering what it is? From memory I don't think I've signed up to anything Mercedes related other than the official website, and the MB service section on the official website Normally whatever I've registered for I...
  13. thebig1

    Any IT guys good with ports / email etc??

    Hi Guys, I have added a DVR and cameras to my house but for the life of me, can not get the email alerts to work. I just get "Unable to connect to server" when I hit the test button. I have added the SMPT: PORT:587 NEED SSL: Off USER NAME: ( Email address...
  14. markjay

    New(?) email scam

    Hackers steal Gmail password (not to difficult to do). Hackers email everyone on the contact list, while pretending to be the account holder, saying they are in (name of East European city) and got robbed at gunpoint, they have no cash, cards, phone or passport, they only have access to email...
  15. Charles Morgan

    Email hosting

    I have my own domain for personal email and it is currently hosted by Godaddy. I am on auto renewal and noticed they have whacked up the price to $79 a year, which I think is taking the proverbial. Does anyone have a good host at a more sensible price?
  16. ioweddie

    can anyone get scammed by revealing their e-mail address only

    As Title, Can I get scammed by anyone who has my email address only? I know they can send stuff, but if its not opened can they still access my pc? Thanks Eddie
  17. A

    Payslips by email

    I have just been informed by my employer that from March they will no longer issue paper payslips. They wish to send payslips by email instead. I've not heard of this before, can they do this, is it legal?
  18. baxlin

    BT Yahoo email ( address)

    Anyone else suffering from the change in BT email provider from BT-Yahoo to BT-Com? It used to be so easy to access emails, now I have to sign into one page, which sends me to a second log-in page, and if I'm lucky, and as often as not I'm NOT lucky, it sends me to my inbox. (got into a loop...
  19. jaymanek

    Problem with Email Sending SMTP Port

    Guys spent all morning trying to sort this out... cant seem to fathom it. My mercland email is hosted by emails are not sending through windows live (like outlook) Its coming up with an error 0x800CCC0B The outgoing mail port is 25.. upon the recommendation of...
  20. PXW

    PayPal and email

    OK - first things first - I don't have a PayPal account. However, often online retailers use Paypal as their payment provider. No problem - I go through the site, put in my credit card details, address and email (usually for the benefit of the vendor) and all is well. A little while back, I...
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