1. BenzedUP

    Ohh... Thats a bit embarassing.

    http://thesupercarkids.com/mercedes-amg-gt-s-c63-s-crash-during-customer-presentation/ :(
  2. Pillabenz

    Embarassing Gearbox fault...

    Hi all, Gearbox on my 2001 c220 cdi has devoloped a fault. I have been using it in winter mode since i bought it due to 1st gear being a bit grabby when cold, i know this is normal but i prefer 2nd gear take off anyway. So i pull up next to the lights in the outside lane next to a range rover...
  3. P

    SBC - probably an embarassing question.

    Hi All, Errr... Just been reading on "another mercedes forum" about SBC on the braking system, and that it has a fixed or limited operational life. So, new to MB's and not terribly up to speed on all the abbreviations and the model codes, etc, my questions are : 1. What is the SBC - what...
  4. carnut

    Embarassing Horn!

    First may I ask everyone to keep it clean!:D My " Audible warning device" otherwise know as the Horn is getting overly sensitive and goes of at the slightest touch of any of the left side command buttons on the wheel boss.It even has taken to going off as I turn the wheel which has caused me...
  5. M

    embarassing question

    Hello I am comparatively new to owning a 1994 E220. It had been running great until recently when it has started to prove difficult to start. It also sounds a bit lumpy on tickover so I wan't to inspect the spark plugs and here's the embarassing bit... I can't work out how to get at them. I...
  6. Alfie

    Embarassing for Mr Blair!

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