1. S

    Lets hear your most embarrasing break up stories

    Right, I will kick off.... Was seeing this girl up in Aberdeen, 150 miles or so away. Beeing going well, she said come up for the weekend, and the 3hour drive gave me plenty of time to think about what a great time I was to be having... Well...we got there, she said, meet me at the pub. All...
  2. D


    Hi again, Anyone on here that knows how to empty out the fuel tank on a W203 C220CDI est, Yes, I've done it-filled it up with petrol. Petter
  3. MattCox

    Embarrasing question!

    Could someone point me in the direction of my spark plugs please before i go removing things that i shouldn't! Thanks, Matt
  4. jpskiller

    Embarrasing Moment

    Coming home tonight from visiting a friend in Pontifract I was crusing down the M62 keeping within the speed limit or there about's. I had just moved into middle lane to overtake so I was doing around 80ish when a ROBIN RELIANT :crazy: came flying down the outside lane to over take me :eek...
  5. P

    Nothing to do with cars...just an embarrasing moment !!

    I have just come back from a holiday in Italy late last night. Being up bright and early this morning I trundled off to the newsagents to buy the paper. I was very reaxed and chilled and didnt have a care in the world. In fact it felt as if I was in the campsite shop...I handed over my money for...
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