1. M

    Upright Star Emblem for Bonnet - CLS

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to remove the flat Mercedes emblem badge from the bonnet and fit an upright / 3d version to a 2014 CLS? Are they all the same size or do they vary depending on model of merc? I have just recently purchased a CLS after having an E-Class with this type of...
  2. M

    Pointed star bonnet emblem

    Hello forum friends... My 2015 E350 has a flat bonnet badge in the 44mm bonnet recess. I want to replace it with an upright bonnet star. The current flat badge is held tight beneath the bonnet by a spring clip which is dead easy to squeeze together and lift the badge out. Does anyone know...
  3. Palmer

    Grill emblem?

    Where is the best place to source one? There is so much choice on ebay and i dont have the old one for measurments. For a W124 pre facelift grill.
  4. I

    How much labour to replace front emblem on grill

    Hi all, The Mercedes emblem on the grill of my W216 needs to be replaced as it become fogged up or otherwise very scruffy. I am due a service shortly and my local MB garage has the part in stock. They said by phone that they would charge labour of "up to one hour" although "it wouldn't likely...
  5. M

    Bonnet Star Emblem & Rear Mudflap For W211

    My e280 cdi has a flat badge on the bonnet, i dont know if thats normal for the sport but i want to add the upright star emblem, does anyone have one for sale. I also need a rear drivers side mudflap but will buy a pair if thats the only option. :thumb:
  6. Max Shine

    Bonnet replacement emblem E Class W212

    I struggled to find and replace my Mercedes bonnet star stand up emblem with a flat badge emblem that fitted, but finally got there. Pic 1 shows the Star Emblem which is being replaced Pic 1 Originally I had purchased the 57mm Badge, one which is very common, however as the W212 bonnet has a...
  7. Max Shine

    Replacement of Bonnet Emblem

    I am looking at replacing the bonnet star with a badge but am unable to find a 44mm badge? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. D

    bonnet emblem 2004, 270 SLK CDI

    Hi, I am a new member to MBC. Just bought a 2004 270 SLK CDI. Its my first Benz and I love it already. Although the car is 12 years old it has only covered 14,000 GENUINE ( MERC FSH) MILES. It's in mint condition but I would like to refurb it slightly. Does anyone know how to...
  9. J

    1976 Mercedes 240d/w115 mercedes emblem needed

    HI I have restored a 1976 mercedes 240d and I am requiring a grill badge/emblem I will be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction many thanks Jason.
  10. ian6

    Bonnet emblem

    Out in Sweden at the moment and have just seen a CLC180K with a star emblem on the bonnet, I have the same car and know these are fitted with the flat emblem. My question is can the star be retro fitted considering there is no access hole on the underside/top of the bonnet to facilitate...
  11. M

    2008 E320 CDI W211 - Bonnet Emblem Conversion

    Hi all, As the title suggests, im looking to do an emblem conversion for my mercedes. Some little runt(s) decided it was not worth being on my car anymore and decided to simply "take it off". Ive been "googling" as such and come across conversions from standing star emblems to flush wreath...
  12. M

    W203 2005 Hood star emblem?

    Hi I wonder if some one can help me park my car in Asda car park and when i came back saw some one broke the Bonnet star. Would you guys help me to find Right Part Number for W203 2005 Cdi? not only this he/she Scratch the whole left side with the key right after i spent around 2 hours wash...
  13. Grovsie31

    Carbon Fibre Gear Knob with AMG emblem pics installed.

    Hey guys, just fitted my new gear knob to my W203 C55, assume this would fit all other auto W203's as well. Install was pretty easy. Lift up the surround, undue the clip at the bottom of the shaft 1/4 of a turn and the knob lifts straight off. New one on, and then just remove the gaitor and fit...
  14. Z

    Mercedes Star emblem

    Hi has anybody taken one of these apart,if so how did you do it,I have a star which is past its best but has the plain base that goes with my s320 and a nearly new star with the mercedes benz blue writing on it I would like to swap the stars:rolleyes:
  15. DanMorgan

    W124 Black Grill with Emblem and Badge

    As per title ^^ £45 Posted
  16. W

    Front emblem on CLS?

    Folks, I used to have a black front emblem on my cls and thought I would give a chrome one a whirl. Before After (Yes, I know my drive desperately needs power washed lol) It appears that the old emblem has been butchered in the past and siliconed back on :wallbash: All but...
  17. D

    roof bars and 3 pointed start bonnet emblem

    hi everyone, Selling original w203 saloon roof bars. Hardly used and in very good condition £75 - collection from SL3 also i have a 3 pointed star i brought to replace a bonnet badge, but it doesn't fit - £30 + £3 p+p or free if collected. photos to follow
  18. S

    bonnet emblem part number

    I have become the owner of a 1989 190e today, it is currently missing it's bonnet star. A quick perusal of ebay indicates that there may be a few different versions (all of which seem fairly cheap) I would be grateful if anyone can tell me the correct part number for my car. (or a link to a...
  19. dresho

    searching for a black mercedes front bonnet emblem

    hi firstly want to say thanks for the great help ive got from this forum Now im looking for a flat black mercedes emblem for the bonnet of my car I have seen the amg ones and the brabus ones etc but dont want that, just want a flat black emblem with either a silver mercedes star in the centre...
  20. dresho

    mercedes boot emblem query??

    hi firstly want to say thanks for the great help ive got from this forum Now im looking for a flat black mercedes emblem for the bonnet of my car I have seen the amg ones and the brabus ones etc but dont want that, just want a flat black emblem with either a silver mercedes star in the...
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