1. AaronE55Cripps

    P0444 Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control

    I have a 2004 W211 E55k with 105,000miles up on her and I've just had a recurring fault with this. It Happened last year and just happened again tonight. I can't remember what the previous fault was but MB said it wasn't P0444 related. I was out for an easy cruise tonight not giving it any...
  2. W

    Euro 4 Emission standard

    I own a 1999 Mercedes SL (R129) which as at October will no longer meet the new required Emissions level in the City of London. The new T-charge. The Mayor has doubled the congestion charge for cars which do not meet the Euro 4 regulations. Is there a way to upgrade my car from Euro 3 to Euro 4...
  3. D

    mayor khan emission for london how about classic cars or there are exemptions

    anybody knows or we need to move outside the north circular nad m25 any ideas are their exemptions for owners of classic cars also the £10 charge apply outside central london but within north circular the same as old vans etc
  4. leef44

    New emission test rules?

    It's generally accepted that the economy test in NEDC does not reflect real road driving conditions and cannot be achieved in real life so you don't need a test to try to reflect that. The test can only be used as a benchmark against other cars. So how about just have a test which measures...
  5. Y

    SLK 200k mot fail on emission test

    I folks, first post here and hope to get some help. I have a SLK 200k 2007 It has just failed the mot, i have very sooty exhaust pipes, the garage has said it requires a new intake manifold air control actuator bank 2 supply voltage low? He says these are around £750 +. Anyone have any views...
  6. horgantrevor

    w202 c43 what are the CO2 emission

    hi im vrt a c43 amg and they are telling me in ireland that a c43 has :crazy: Revenue CO2 Calculation CO2 Emissions 280 is this correct as i can amend it if different:bannana: it will change the price of the vrt in ireland
  7. O

    interesting debate on CO2 emission...

    From: Burning Fuel = Carbon MONOXIDE not CO2 - Reader comments at The New York Sun Submitted by JC, Mar 4, 2008 12:54 If you try to kill yourself by sticking a hose in your exhaust pipe, you die from carbon MONOXIDE poisoning. Let me give you some basic 7th grade science on the burning of...
  8. weebobster

    CO2 Emission for 2002 C220CDi Avantgarde Estate

    Hi all I tried a quick search to see if I could find this to no avail. The Driver and Vehicle Agency are adamant the CO2 emission for my March 2002 C220CDi Advantgarde estate is 189g/km placing it in the Band J £215 pa car tax band. I am convinced that the correct CO2 emission figure is...
  9. M

    MAF sensor affecting emission levels

    Hi, Does anybody out there know if MAF sensor can affect emission levels on a diesel Thanks:mad::confused:
  10. M

    A class diesel - blackish exhaust emission

    Hi,everyone, Had maf sensor replaced 4000 miles ago as kickdown wasn't operating. Ever since, have had a film of blackish smoke coming out, only in motion,not when still. Nothing wrong with performance,mpg very good, no strange engine noises. Smoke bit thicker for 2 or 3 seconds, when kickdown...
  11. P

    Emission failure

    I have E220cdi auto 1999 with 206K mileage, the car just passed emission test after fuel treatment, oil change is due after 6K miles, any suggestions?
  12. T

    MOT emission problems?

    I'm having some trouble getting the MOT garage to pass my car on emissions. The car is a Mercedes 300ce-24 these where manufactured with both a cat and without a cat. My car was registered on the 1.08.92 which vosa state is the date the full emission test has to be carried out, which is a pain...
  13. WLeg

    Low Emission Zone - London

    Starts in a few weeks..... http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/default.aspx Don't forget.....
  14. Sp!ke

    New emission zone

    I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up much yet here or anywhere else. This really seems to have been snuck in with some vehicles falling foul in Feb 2008. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/vehicles/2535.aspx I have been toying with buying a camper-van but have discovered that come...
  15. Gucci

    Low emission cars C-charge u-turn?

    The intelligent powers that be have realised that motorists are buying low emission cars (as encouraged) so they don't pay the congestion charge. NOW TFL are reconsidering...it may cause congestion (nothing to do with lower income of course). Decision to be made in the new year :mad: Happy new...
  16. M

    Emission warning light came on

    Having spent a couple of hours in traffic up the M5 yesterday, the orange emission warning light has lit on the dashboard on my E200K. Does anyone know what is the best course of action? Is the only solution to visit the Merc men? Thanks in advance.
  17. guydewdney

    London Low emission zone?

    Great - my sprinter (S reg, camper van) will, in three years time, cost me a hundred quid a DAY to drive into (outer) london. Will someone please shoot Ken? The man is taxing the poor with this one - think of all the vans over 1.2 tonnes (yes - one tonne -ie a lot of small, older vans)...
  18. aka$h

    Error w211: Emission Check carried out on time?

    e270cdi w211: Emission Check carried out on time? It comes up everytime you switch on and displays as a malfunction, it has a question mark at the end, so how do I say YES? Anyone else seen this? cheers
  19. Dieselman

    EuroV emission limits.

    Here is the proposal for the 2008 EuroV emission limits. Interesting that the direct injection petrols are being restricted to the same particulate limits as diesels. Up 'til now they've been having a field day. "The proposal will now be considered by the European Parliament and the...
  20. L

    MoT- new emission tests

    In N. Ireland, new emission tests have been recently introduced. For diesel vehicles, these tests involve revving the vehicle up to its 'governed speed' and measuring emissions. These may involve doing this up to 6 times. For petrol vehicles, they are revved to 2500 rpm. Am I right in thinking...
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