1. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  2. N

    Emissions - seeming anomaly

    Looking at emissions that DVLA have recorded on my C - Class, I was surprised at how high they are - Have DLVA made an error?? The car is an S204 C320 Sport CDI (AMG) with mixed 18" wheels 2009 - it's emissions are shown at 209 g /km, which seems high. Given that my old 2004 S211 E320 CDI...
  3. S

    CDI emissions

    Hi My S211 E220 cdi passed its mot yesterday with no advisories, which is great news. The tester said the emissions only just passed and asked if I drove the car gently, which I normally do. He advised that I gave it some welly once in a while and certainly before its next test. Does...
  4. B

    ml270 failed emissions test

    Hi had my ml in for test and it failed emissions test, too smokey, 3.35 when limit is 3. Is there anything that can be checked on star to see whats causing this?
  5. waisal

    C43 AMG MOT fail on emissions HELP

    Hello I had my MOT today on my W202 C43 and failed due to emissions. I have had a stainless exhaust with middle CAT and box delete done about 3 months ago the CATs were past it anyway. Anybody in similar situation is there any fuel additive or other technique I can use to get through...
  6. markmifsud

    VW fined in Emissions Probe

    Seems VW have been fined $14.7 billion thats gonna hurt someone.
  7. M

    MOT Emissions failure

    Hi All, I've just heard back from my wife and the 124 has failed it's MOT on emissions. She has sent me a photo of the results (attached) and it has failed on the lambda reading. My thought is that the O2 sensor has to be the obvious candidate. What do the more technically astute of you think...
  8. Scooby_Doo

    Mercedes Emissions ???

    Daimler opens internal emissions probe - BBC News VW,Peugeot,Mitsubishi and perhaps Mercedes.
  9. M

    Daimler Launches Emissions Probe in the U.S

    Saw in the FT online that Daimler has launched a probe into emissions in the U.S, at the request of the Department of Justice. This comes after some 'eager beaver' lawyers have entered class action law suits against Daimler - all in the name of justice and the pursuit of corporate clarity I'm...
  10. B

    2005 C180K MOT Emissions failure - advice sought - help!

    Hi, I was hoping that some budding enthusiasts and general more experienced auto engineers out there might be able to offer some advice or thoughts on a tricky little emissions issue I seem to be having! Having fancied the idea of owning a Mercedes for a number of years (but not having the...
  11. stwat


    So, the luxobarge passed its MOT today with almost flying colours, just a couple of advisories for a deteriorating numberplate and slight play in steering. I was just looking at the emissions sheet and wanted views on the results. CO, limit 3.5% result 0.15% ! HC, limit 1200PPM, result 199PPM...
  12. whitenemesis

    MB in Emissions Law Suit

    Mercedes-Benz facing lawsuit over BlueTec diesel emissions | Driving
  13. Grey Area

    MOT Emissions advice please.

    Afternoon all. Recently had the exhaust replaced on the 230k with a straight through stainless job, including (stupidly?) a cat delete. Just got the car back from the garage and somewhat unsurprisingly the car failed on emissions. However, it didn't fail by much at all. Predictably it...
  14. A

    Failed MOT Emissions

    Hi, My W124 1994 just failed it's MOT on Emissions Fast idle CO 0.99 fail HC 43 pass ^ 0.98 pass Second fast idle CO 1.10 fail HC 45 Pass ^ 0.980 Pass Natural idle CO 1.15 fail Can anyone tell me what needs to be done or what I can do to pass the retest? The garage...
  15. Tim203

    Chip tuning emissions

    After the VW scandal and the subsequent Witch hunt that will ensue, I wonder how long it will be before chip tuners come under scrutiny of the authorities and how much MOT testers will have to pay to upgrade equiptment.
  16. U

    CO2 Emissions for my Mercedes Vito

    Hi, can anyone tell me how i can get written evidence of the correct CO2 Emissions for my van?? I have an ongoing dispute with the DVLA as i believe that the CO2 emissions stated on the V5 is incorrect? Any advice would be useful as i'm sure i'm paying too much for road tax. Thanks
  17. A

    W205 Order - options and emissions

    Been spending ages looking at cars that are up to 95 g/km as I have my own company and can expense the whole car in year of purchase and just pay bik. Anyway - the W205 C300 Sport fits the bill! Some questions I don't know if any one would know - Does adding options make the car heavier...
  18. rob-hill-1

    Excessive smoke and emissions.

    Hi all, I have a problem at the moment which is seeming to be very hard to solve with my 08, 311 Sprinter van. Hoping to find some more clues here! Main symptoms - Excessive white smoke when stationary / pulling away in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. - Excessive diesel fumes in cab. Symptoms come...
  19. E

    E55 speed vs emissions - a dilemma...

    The W210 E55T (well, mine, anyway) seems to have a 'sweet spot'. Hypothetically, I recently did a 256-mile journey, which I normally do at an indicated 75 mph (yes, I'm a bad person. Stop reading now...), going (traffic permitting) rather faster than usual (my wife was unwell, and needed to be...
  20. Telebass

    S211 I6 320CDI - message

    Happy New Year! Something that my car greeted me with promptly on Jan 1st is: Emissions Test Carried out On Time? And this is flagged as a malfunction, so it pops up repeatedly! As the next service is still some time away, I can't think why this is waving at me at this time. I didn't own the...
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