1. SPX

    Self Employed Mortgages

    How do other self employed folk get on when looking for (and receiving) a mortgage? We've been looking at houses for XYZ amount so I've saved up about 13-15% of these values but I'm struggling to find a lender because I've not been trading that long. I'm of the mind to just stay where we are...
  2. Lugy

    So who's self employed then?

    When I first started my apprenticeship I had a dream of eventually starting my own company. I was close to doing it last year but decided against it. Now however I'm going for it. I guess it's a combination of wanting to be successful and work hard for myself to reap the benefits instead of...
  3. pluggers

    Mortgages+self employed

    A mate of mine is trying to buy a house and he's finding impossible to get a mortgage due to him being 26 and recently starting off as self employed.He has never had credit as its always been paid for with cash,Its a bit "catch 22" with him. Cant get credit as he's never had credit :rolleyes...
  4. anarchy-inc

    Employed again . . . YIPPEE!!!

    Finally got a job offer worth having and I start next Monday!!!! :rock: :rock: Having to look for a job over the holiday season was not the most fun thing to do, but at least it's over now. Back to racking up miles on the CLK . . . rolleyes:
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