1. markjay

    Disciplinary Action - Employment Matters

    It is very rare that we are involved in Disciplinary Action against an employee, and the current matter is only the second time I have ever had to be involved in such case in several decades.... This relates to a company of which I am a Director, however I have no role in the day-to-day running...
  2. I

    Advice needed, Employment Law/Legalities!

    The scenario is this: Some employees of a large multi national company receive a letter stating that they are in a consultation period for changes to their terms and conditions and remuneration due to current market conditions, low commodity prices, increased production costs etc. The...
  3. m2287

    Employment law question - bonus

    The company I work for started a bonus scheme last year, it was based on several performance metrics over the course of June to December and the maximum bonus payable was 35% of our salary. We were meant to be paid this bonus on 01/02/2016. The bonus was heavily weighted on p&l performance...
  4. MancMike

    Employment, asking for a raise

    Hi, fellows. I've worked at my current organisation for nearly 5 years. An equal level colleague with no more skills, and less experience in the industry, and only 2 years for this company is leaving. The job ad for his replacement went out with a salary range between 2 and 4k more than I'm...
  5. guydewdney

    employment / business law question

    knowing the clever bods on here someone will have had a similar situation. is it legally possible to take over a small business (2 permanent employees) and refuse to take them on? replacing them with near identical employees, as the originals are, as far as we are concerned, utterly useless...
  6. Conquistador

    A bit of employment law advice please

    Due to the nature of my job, I'm much busier during school terms than in school holidays and half terms etc. The short story is, I'm a private chauffeur/driver (call it what you will) and my last job of day is usually picking up from a private school. If I'm not around to do it, the parents end...
  7. jamesfuller

    Advice please (employment related)

    I am looking for a job and I am currently working on my cv etc. I shall be visiting some of the more local employers in person but some of them are quite a long way and would like to send a cv with a covering letter. Now the thing is most of them will not be in response to a job...
  8. knighterrant

    Guaranteed employment

    At their party conference last September, Ed Balls announced that the Labour party would introduce a compulsory jobs guarantee for young people and the long-term unemployed if it wins the next election. He said the scheme would be funded through a tax on bankers' bonuses and by reducing pensions...
  9. Mozzer

    Employment advice required

    If an employee has been with a company for a few years and is asked to move from a PAYE position in the company to a Contractor position for the same role, is there any issue with this ? The way it has been explained to the employee is that their Contractor contract will ensure their take...
  10. A

    Employment law question, potential restructuring

    Got an employment law question regarding a potential restructure which may result in a change of role and pay grades and other benefits (car grade & bonus scheme etc). I can't go into details here yet, but it's sounds like a similar situation in this thread by Dougal74 a number of years ago now...
  11. LTD

    Employment Law Specialist

    Do we have anyone on the forum that can answer a simple question that I have ? It's not an issue I have but one that may affect my daughter. Please PM me if you are willing to offer advice.
  12. S

    any employment law experts in here?

    started work for a new company begining of may after a phone call from a guy who used to work for my previous company- he was an area manager anyway comes payday- the 28th no pay-on the 27th when everyone else got paid- as it fell on a weekend so to tuesday (yesterday ) still no pay so i makes...
  13. bigjim

    Employment Relocation Rights

    My Wife's company is relocating. She already commutes 60minutes to get to their current offices. The move would double her journey time. There are obviously several different options for her to consider, including getting a different job. In her negotiations with HR she has cited a 4 hour...
  14. Spinal

    Urgent Employment Advice

    I need some quick last minute advice... one of my colleagues just got "the call" and he's in for a face-to-face redundancy meeting tomorrow morning. I've been on a e-training course all day; so my phone has been occupied all day. Can they just call me into an office tomorrow and give me...
  15. ShinyF1

    Employment rights

    Hi all - advice needed Just been greeted today with the ominous 'bad news' conversation at work. Started a new job on 17 February with a 3 month probationary period which ended on Monday. Employer not organised enough to have had 'Probation Review' meeting in time, so it was today where the...
  16. CE230

    URGENT employment advice required

    My daughter works 4 days a week but has been told today that they are cutting her hours to 3 days a week. She has a contract but only she has signed it. Can she hold then to the contract?
  17. Swiss Toni

    Employment Law / Mileage Claims

    When I applied for my job, I had to specifically ask about the rules on claiming mileage for work journeys due to the significant amount of travel required and the distance from home to my employers new office. The rule was - any journey other than the standard home to office (or return)...
  18. jonnyboy

    employment law anyone got any advice?

    Whilst I do heed the often used comments like "its only some bloke on t'internet", I would love some points of view. We are a small company under 5 employees. I have to organise my second sacking. The forst was a long time ago, dead straightforward. This time its my top man, who I havent...
  19. Martin clk

    Another Employment Question

    I know that I'm going to get told to get proper legal advice, however, I'm keen to know what folks thoughts are. I was suspended from work yesterday. I made a call to a competitor a few weeks ago posing as press and enquiring about redundancies. Whilst I appreciate this may sound a strange...
  20. E

    Employment dispute - advice please

    Hi Id be very grateful if anyone would share their thoughts on this which is a bit of a dilemma for me. Right now I drive my own car for work and get paid expenses of 40ppm and an annual allowance of about £1k. My employer offered me a lease car a couple of months ago, any car I like, to...
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