1. S

    Enabling hidden functions with STAR

    When i had access to VAG diagnostics, I was able to enable other functions such as coming home/leaving lights, fuel to empty, etc I'm just curious to know what can be enabled on my 2012 W212 E350 CDI sport over and above what I currently have? Would like to see oil temp, remaining fuel /...
  2. Herishi

    Star xentry enabling

    Guys I have heard that extra features that were not purchased originally can be enabled by star. What things can be enabled? I would have thought you would need additional hardware too. Is there anything that can be enabled without extra hardware? Thx Ste e
  3. P

    Enabling Reversing Camera on an Audio 50 APS

    Hi, I would like to fit a reversing camera onto my s212. It has the Audio 50 APS Nav/Audio system, does anyone know if it is possible to enable the reversing camera feature on this model of Nav Audio system, and also how to do it? I have been into the secret menu on the Audio 50 APS...
  4. D

    Any STAR experts?: Enabling Video in on a W164 ML

    I've got a 2007 ML W164 and I'd like to enable the green aux video-in (Fakra) connector. I have access to an off-line STAR system and I've been told that this is possible however I wasn't given any details on how this is actually done so it might be bull :D Is there anyone on here who could...
  5. H

    Enabling automatic wipers

    Having got all the mods to work so far on my facelift W208 I have now been beaten by the automatic wipers, I fitted a new screen, the correct sensor and cable, I have a star machine and have looked in all the menu's to find out how to enable it with no success. Is there anyone who knows where to...
  6. I

    Enabling TomTom HD Traffic

    OK, so now I've finally got a Samsung Galaxy 4 with data traffic enabled (and paid for by work), and the connection works -- I can log on access the MB online services via Bluetooth with no problem. But TomTom HD Traffic doesn't seem to be working, the satnav is still using TMC for traffic...
  7. M

    Retrofit Harman Kardon - enabling Logic 7 NTG4

    The car came with APS 50. Retrofitted Comand NTG4. Did not get any codes with the unit and it did not require code either after install. I am now going to retrofit H/K sound system in car, and was wondering how to enable the logic 7 on/off option in Comand?
  8. Mega_Angelic

    Enabling cornering fog lamps, and how easy to fit aftermarket HID's to A class W169.

    Hi, due to changing jobs with a long commute I've traded in my Volvo S80 T6 (18mpg) for a 2006 A Class 3dr Avantgarde SE (55mpg diesel). I have been searching around and there seems to be lots of threads asking how to disable cornering fog lamps. But nobody that I can find has asked how to...
  9. W

    Enabling Bluetooth in Windows 7

    I have a new Dell laptop that uses Windows 7 (I previously used XP) Can someone please explain how I enable Bluetooth? The BIOS has it enabled There is no short-cut key I can not see Bluetooth in the Device Manager I've Googled it and tried most ideas, but still no joy In XP I found it...
  10. Chattonmill

    Enabling ETA

    I know this has been asked many times, but even with searching I cant find the answer:o I have TMC on my maps, but how do I get the eta to show on the screen. Does the car have to be moving before this will come up? Thanks for bearing with me:o
  11. Mega_Angelic

    Cornering fog lights, auto fold mirrors, alarm beep on and off enabling on C-class???

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I cannot seem to find a answer. Is there a way to enable the fog light cornering lights on a W203 2001 C200 Kompressor avantgarde with just about all optional extras. Also can folding mirrors when locking be enabled and can you get the alarm to beep...
  12. Goldfish11

    Comand Update: Enabling ETA, Distance & Telephone on Map Screen

    Developing on the very long thread on the new Comand update. (see http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=384561#post384561 ) This update is as significant as the MP3 upgrade and even the Version 5.0 Map update with TMC. It has really exceeded my expectations. I have a W211...
  13. P

    Enabling comand 2.0 tv/video on the move with DAS 03/2007

    Enabling command 2.0 tv/video on the move with DAS 03/2007 is possible according to a fellow MB member. Does anyone have actual screenshots proving this? I would be grateful if anyone is kind enough to show me step by step how to do this with DAS 03/2007 and post some screenshots. They are...
  14. BenzComander

    Enabling Java Script

    While trying to view a Flash website recently, was given the message I do not have the latest version of Flash installed, or Java script was not enabled. Have downloaded the latest version of Flash, but still no Flash website? How do I enable Java script?? cheers,
  15. R

    Enabling Nav in Cluster Display

    Having spent last weekend successfully fitting COMAND to my 2001 CLK (write up to follow!), I have now booked the car in at Tony Purslows in Basingstoke for them to enable Navigation display in the speedo display window - where all the trip computer and radio information is. I know this needs...
  16. P

    enabling cookies

    Ive just bought a sony picturebook laptop and am having trouble with my internet explorer both through my wireless lan and dial up so im assuming its the actual explorer. I can browse net and ebay etc but when i try to log into my ebay account or hotmail account for example i get a message on...
  17. D

    Enabling DVD player

    Hi I have seen that the DVD player on S-class (Model Year 2001) can be enabled? How do you do that? Is this simple or do you need to remove dash etc etc. Also, is it possible to enable (on another car) the TV in a car that was not purchased with the TV option - is there a part you can buy...
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