1. AMGeed

    Energy suppliers

    My 12month fixed price deal for Gas and Electricity with Sainsbury Energy runs out end of Aug and the increase to stay with them is driving me away. There are so many other suppliers out there I wonder if anyone has any pro's and cons for any particular company? I'm being swayed by a fixed...
  2. grober

    PETMand tomorrows energy source?

    PETM and tomorrows energy source? PETM or The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. An interesting perspective. Touches on what might be another energy source for the future. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum...
  3. ioweddie

    Indoor Energy Saving Light Bulbs Like the Dark Ages

    These bulbs are expensive, a pain to dispose of, and worst of all bloody useless. Its like living in the Dark Ages, 240 volt 9 watt small screw golf ball cost about £7 each don't last 10.000 hours as claimed and are about as bright as a 25watt conventional bulb. Am I the only one who thinks we...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Ever used OVO Energy?

    Many years ago I had problems switching energy suppliers, so I've avoided it and stuck with the big mame suppliers. However it seems switching to OVO could save me around 30% on my combined fuel bill and it seems their reputation is surprisingly good (based upon Money Saving Expert website)...
  5. Screwdriver

    New rubber for my 1984 W123 300D : Energy Saver?

    MOT advisory says my current set are near the end of their time. 195/70 R 14 on the famous Benz steelies. Is there a tyre known amongst the w123 community as best? I was leaning strongly towards the Michelin Energy Saver + given all the claimed benefits of fuel economy and longevity.
  6. Tan

    Choosing an Energy Provider

    Hi After getting a rather steep Gas bill, think I need to choose a better deal, there are so many deals out there now, short term fixed and longer term. Any advice on what is the best to choose? Thanks Tan
  7. M

    Experience of first utility or spark energy

    Could the forum please give it's experiences, good or bad of the 2 companies above. Cheers Matt
  8. 230K

    2013 Energy Consumption

    Hi Following a thread from last new years day I measured my energy consumption for the year. Oil 1797 Litres @57.2p/litre Electric 6427 Kwh @18.039p/unit Gas 1401 m3 @54.4p/m3 This is for a household of 7 living in a 150 yr old 4000sqf house. Total cost of £2949:eek::eek: Did...
  9. developer

    Energy usage/prices

    My annual gas/electricity usage summary arrived from Scottish Power today. To be honest, once I've secured the best supplier deal (Scottish Power are the cheapest for me) I don't really look/monitor usage. However, my revised monthly figure based upon the previous 12 months actual is...
  10. grober

    Energy saving trust green deal and eco

    Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Grants and savings - Energy Saving Trust Announced today. Good idea or cowboys charter? Expect lots of unsolicited phone calls - you have been warned. :rolleyes:
  11. W

    2012 energy consumption

    Happy New Year all. For the energy geeks amongst us here's my household (2 of us) energy consumption for 2012. Electricity 2900 KWh Heating Oil 1100 litres Water 47000 litres Diesel: 2500 litres Unless work changes I imagine 2013 will be roughly the same. Anyone else with data to...
  12. Spinal

    EDF Energy Turd!?

    Right, stressing a bit here and haven't slept much, so my mind may be playing tricks on me... That said, I just saw an advert for EDF Energy that has a little turd as a mascot... Is it just me?! There is also some similarity with Mr. Hanky (the Christmas Poo from Southpark) M.
  13. davethemus

    Good Idea?

    As many of you may know I'm not the Governments biggest proponent, however, this seems like a really good idea. Iceland Volanoes Could Power Britain If Underwater Cables Laid For Renewable Energy | UK News | Sky News I don't know that much about the technology behind it or whether it is...
  14. N

    Which? Big Switch plan to cut energy bills. Can this work?

    FAQ What is the Which? Big Switch? Which? and 38 Degrees are calling on consumers to join together to cut energy bills. Using a completely new way for people to buy energy, we’ll be using the combined switching power of thousands of consumers. We’ll negotiate with energy suppliers and...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Domestic Energy Assessment

    A couple of weeks ago I had a Domestic Energy Assessment done on my flat which is meant to be law now when selling a property. I have just recived the Invoice for payment and he has forwarded on the report to my estate agents. Am I within my rights to request a paper copy of his findings as im...
  16. grober

    Energy firms' profit margins soar

    I thought we were all supposed to be tightening our belts - not letting them out a few notches! :rolleyes: BBC News - Energy firms' profit margins soar OFGEN's solution = more transparent pricing and no frills tariffs. :doh: What exactly do they think the term cartel means? :wallbash...
  17. T

    Acoustic Energy floorstanding speakers

    Selling a pair of Acoustic Energy floorstanding HiFi speakers. Ebay ad here: Acoustic Energy AE109 floorstanding speakers | eBay
  18. markjay

    *** Major Energy Company ***

    Called *** Major Energy Company *** last week. Boiler is loosing pressure. Got an appointment for Tuesday 8:00-10:00. Engineer came, tightened a few screws, said the problem is not obvious and if it looses pressure again he will need to come back with his supervisor. Left me his mobile...
  19. M

    Free Energy Saving Plug +........

    LINK Totally free, just enter the promotion code etc. etc.
  20. A

    Energy supliers which one? EDF ecoMeter ?

    Hello My current locked in deal for Gas / Electric is about to end. Simple as I like the look of the gadget I looked on the EDF website and their ecoMeter. Anyone have this? what do people think. Think I will pop on Martin's money saving site see what they think... How about people on...
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