1. Hawkwind

    Traffic Enforcement Officers.

    Hi Guys, I was wondering does anyone know what, if any, powers they have, regarding speeding offences. I may be mistaken, but I am under the impression they have no authority and find it quite annoying when drivers slam on the brakes and crawl past them at 65MPH. Anyone know for sure...
  2. cinek

    CCTV parking enforcement

    Not sure if this has been already discussed, my apologies if it has. Ban on councils using CCTV cameras and ?spy cars? to enforce parking restrictions | Briefings | The Lawyer http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10915510/Ban-on-CCTV-parking-fines-for-unwitting-motorists.html Yellow box...
  3. Beetnik

    Any legal eagles about? Enforcement Notice requirements

    Long story but we've been served with a Notice of Contravention under the Highways Act 1980 by the local council. It has their address, a name and email address and a telephone number on it. Email sent to the address in question bounces and I've discovered it's wrong. Long shot but - is...
  4. paul73mt

    M25 j27-J30 Digital Enforcement Camera's

    Had an email from the Highways agency today saying they want to know what we think of the Varable speed cameras on the Motorway as there thinking of turning them on!!! In Controlled Motorway schemes, the enforcement of VMSL will use the Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System...
  5. robert.saunders

    Smart car - CCTV parking enforcement

    I thought I'd post this here, as a) I've been quiet for a few weeks, and b) it's sort of MB-related, albeit a Smart car. The tiny car with a BIG job - Latest Travel - Peterborough Evening Telegraph Have to say, I'm not going to comment on the virtues of the enforcement 'model', but this...
  6. Spinal

    Private Parking Enforcement

    The situation near where I work is unbearable... Today, not only did someone double park as usual, but a range rover then parked in the middle of the road (literally) while in a meeting and a mini then triple parked blocking everyone else in. I seem to remember someone posting a link to a...
  7. Satch

    M4 Speed enforcement: the next step

    Nooooooooo! http://strategypage.com/humor/articles/military_jokes_200542422.asp
  8. Flyer

    Helicopter Traffic Enforcement (!!)

    'Twas a fine day on Saturday, so me and g/f, for once without children, decided to have a blast over the Cat and Fiddle (otherwise known as A537) to Buxton and down to Bakewell and onto the A6 for lunch at a place called Rowsley. Fantastic driving roads. Saw a gorgeous Morgan Aero8 being driven...
  9. GrahamC230K

    Helicopter Traffic Enforcement??

    I was on the A6 in the Peaks and saw on one stretch of road a few signs warning of Police Helicopter Traffic Enforcement!? Never heard of this! Is there a Helicopter detector available for the Road Angel? LOL
  10. Shude

    New parking laws enforcement from July 2004

    I read this in a free rag that came through the door earlier, it's called "Local Matters". I'm not sure how far these new rules will stretch, the article doesn't say, but I suspect if one police force and one council have decided it's a good idea then they will all catch on in the end. My...
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