1. J

    C63 (2012) Gearbox dropped to neutral whilst driving and wouldn't engage gears

    Hi Folks, Driving home late last night in my (new to me) C63, when coming down to a roundabout (at normal speeds, not spirited at all) i double tapped the down paddle to drop down a gear or two, i think i was in 3rd or 4th at the time - the gearbox then seemed to (whilst showing D for drive...
  2. M

    230 CLK wont start. Engine doesnt engage

    I have a 13 year old 230 CLK avant garde. The key turns in the ignition and the dashboard lights etc illuminate. The engine management system says no malfunction but the engine wont turn over I am just getting a click. Is it possible it is the key? The battery is two years old and I'm sure...
  3. L

    do u engage neutral at the lights? (auto box)

    Ive always put autos (the 2 ive driven, one jag one merc) into neutral at red lights. Occasionally when I put it back into drive it kinda jumps in am tries to lurch forward. Is it best to leave it in drive or does it sound like the start of gearbox issues? Tia Lewis
  4. BIG CAT

    e350 gearbox slow to engage

    Hi All, Had my E350 CDI Blue efficiency for just over a month, had a question around the gearbox. Its a 59 plate. When going from R to D, it takes an eternity to move away, serious lag from pressing the gas to moving. I notice this also if stopping at lights and not using the hold function...
  5. grumpyoldgit

    Please engage brain before taking the car out.

    Photographs courtesy of a friend of a friend, but felt I should share. I'm told they are authentic, genuine photos and they appear to me to be right. :doh:
  6. Wilsonuk

    Auot gearbox doesn't engage when cold - oil pressure

    Hi, Wonder if any of you mechanical guys can help... A colleague of mine has recently bought a C200d on 2006 plate which has developed a fault as follows: When starting from cold, the auto gearbox will not engage. The engine revs but will not go into gear. He has been told that this is...
  7. N

    Turbo does not engage - slow acceleration

    I have an 03 model C270CDi Estate Avantgarde with 120K miles on the clock, FSH etc etc I noticed today on pulling out that the Turbo seems to have stopped working. Car drives just fine but if I floor the pedal nothing happens, no kick down, nothing, car just continues to accelerate as if I...
  8. C

    W124 Gearbox reluctant to engage reverse

    Sorry to only post bad news today! Ive noticed that often when I try and select reverse (especially after having driven for a while, its not as common on startup from cold) that I select reverse and nothing happens. Then if I give it a little dose of throttle, it lurches back sharply. This...
  9. C

    ETS Pump won't engage

    So, my e320 4matic says "ETS" then "BAS" then "ABS" at startup. Took it in, they wanted $1200 for the ETS pump plus three hours of labor. The ETS pump in key position 2 buzzes quite loudly, like it is stuck. I tried tapping on it with a hammer to free it up but no luck. Any advice is...
  10. Z

    Auto slow to engage drive

    Have C220 CDI Sport Auto, recently having experience when engaging drive from N, motor remains static until I give a few revs... when it then decides to move.. rather jerk..ingly also. Guess it's due to the electronics adapting to style of driving ! Anyone out there experience similar and is...
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