1. N

    Small engined automatic, under 8 y.o.

    Anyone got a small engined automatic Yaris, Polo, Fiesta, Corsa or something like that for sale? Diesel or petrol, don't care. Needs to be 8 y.o. or younger. Thanks.
  2. gaz_l

    Petrol engined garden tools

    Greetings, citizens. After a bit of advice re. the above. SWMBO is starting to bang on about trimming the hedge in the back garden as it's untidy (read out of control). She's got a point, if I'm honest. Yew, I believe, and about 8 foot high - it needs a good 2 foot lopping off the top and both...
  3. stwat

    500K and ultra rare mid engined 150

    1930's Mercedes porn Video | Quest TV Sorry, the link doesn't go to the correct Chasing Classic Cars video. The vis is on the second page,
  4. grober

    W***el Engined R107

    Posted elsewhere but may be of interest to R107 diehards. A couple of pictures of Felix W***els personal rotary engined SL. FROM http://porschecarshistory.com/wp-content/old/Mercedes/****el/
  5. jeremy156

    7g-tronic in OM642 engined W221

    As referred in this fascinating thread: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/137448-7g-tronic-tiptronic-user-notes.html as well as the User Guide, the expected behaviour of the gearbox in Comfort mode is that it'll pull away in second gear rather than first. This doesn't happen on my car and...
  6. S

    DTUK Tuning box for 320CDI Engined Cars.

    DTUK CRD-T box and wiring harness Suitable for OM642 V6 320 CDI (may fit others, please check with DTUK themselves) Adjustable map programs from standard 224PS Up to 270PS and from 510 NM Up to 640NM Torque Easy to fit/remove (instructions included) Diesel Tuning UK | Select the right...
  7. poormansporsche

    Skyline Engined W202

    MERCEDES C280 SPORT - RB25DET Skyline engined , drift/trackday car!! | eBay Tatty but interesting
  8. guydewdney

    Cheap snotter CDi engined anything

    for development work on veg oil. No I dont want you to tell me it cant be done.
  9. E

    Fully loaded smaller engined machines. .

    Just a wondering. . . A house move is taking me from a short cycle to work, to 63 miles each way. Running the C32 is going to cost a fortune, so ideally I'd like to change it for the moment, for a smaller engined model. Probably an oil burner, just for economy's sake whilst we get our feet...
  10. ben4proton

    Ninja engined C200 sport

    Has any1 put a motorbike engine in a C200. Im thinking 1 in the front and 1 in the back ?
  11. carat 3.6

    Twin engined s124...

    Good job the sls works, thats the 4th engine in the back this weekend.:thumb:
  12. chrisbrad66

    merc engined cherokee

    Hi all, the wifes got a Jeep Grand cherokee with the merc 2.7 diesel in it, it has started to puff black smoke on idle and very low revs, not constant smoke just rythmically like its only one injector faulty, it idles great not lumpy or anything, how can i check which it is or if it's anything...
  13. D

    Twin engined A class A question

    Merc did a few of the above, One went to David Coultard.......I've googled but can't find any pictures any one any clues or even picture
  14. Sp!ke

    Are new petrol engined cars really any greener?

    This got me wondering. I appreciate that diesel technology has come a long way over the recent years but how about petrol engine technology? My old workhorse is now over 18 years old, it is fuel injected, has a catalytic converter and at MOT time, the emissions are still so low I was told...
  15. television

    MB engined Ssangyong Stavic

    MB have pulled off a deal with Ssangyong and sold them the old in line 111 engine for their 11 seat SV320 people carrier. The road test made me laugh in the Bangkok Post, where it said that even if you have your own oil field it will soon empty it
  16. GRAV888

    Small engined small car wanted.

    As the title says, I'm after a small (1.1 ish) engined car for my daughter. She has been having driving lessons for a couple of months now and sat and passed her theory test yesterday. As it is going to be used to aid her driving experience, we have set a budget of £500. When she passes her...
  17. kbhogalW126

    Economy in 300 E-24V engined cars

    Hi folks! I picked up my new toy on Saturday and I've got to say it runs wonderfully. There are some wee niggles but they can be sorted out simply enough! It's lost a few of its original 231 horses as would be expected but still runs nicely. It's literally like cruising down the...
  18. F

    Bike Engined Smart

    I know they have been done in the past - but here is one up for sale on Pistonheads. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/109279.htm I recall seeing a review of one in Evo. Essentially it said the mutts nutts in a straight line, but rather scary in a corner and fall over type way.
  19. glojo

    Big Eight Engined Jobbies

    The other day someone was asking about whether bird droppings can damage the paintwork of your car :) Wife has just returned home and has been the victim of ONE B52 eight engined bomb load!!! :eek: The car was absolutely straddled, stem to stern, port to starboard. There is one evil bird...
  20. kbhogalW126

    buying and running a cdi engined car

    hi! i need help! i am wanting to replace my boring mondeo zetec(company car) and sell my old w126 for a newer cdi engine. ive seen that the e220 cdi (2000) will return 45mpg and there are loads of them out there for around the 8k mark (my budget) in the facelift model with leccy seats...
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