1. D

    Impressive engineering

    Anybody who has any sense of the dedication to a job done to the nearest level of perfection, who sees beauty in such purism of craftsmanship, who can appreciate the dedication and love of a person for such an impeccable job, who can relate to the ability of a single person to do what Lou has...
  2. R

    New to MB but not to German engineering. Could use a little help diagnosing!

    Hello! I'm terribly sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm new to the forum and to Mercedes Benz as well. I've owned audis and bmws my whole life and recently decided to give MB a try and I am very pleased so far. I got a 2009 c300 sport with the AMG wheels. Anyhow I'm having a few...
  3. N

    Hidden / Engineering Menu 2009 W204 C320 sport CDI

    Not another hidden commands thread?? I've looked through mages and pages of threads, but none of the commands to get into the engineering menus on my car work... I've tried: 1. Engineering mode with keys hangup + 6 + * 2. Dealer menu with keys hangup + 7 + 9 Any ideas?? Do they...
  4. S

    HK sound settings in engineering menu

    I had a look in the engineering menu today and could not find any settings for adjusting the HK sound system Is this located elsewhere? I'm hoping there is an adjustment to the subwoofer, as it's definitely lacking output. I have tried via the normal command settings to up the bass, but...
  5. columb

    W212 MY2015 NTG4.7 engineering menu?

    Hi, How do I enable Comand Engineering Menu on W212 MY2015? I've tried HANG-UP+1+# (in differnet combinations like engine on, engine off, menu visible, menu not visible, car in N, car in D, car in P etc etc) but nothing! I could get to Dealer Menu so I'm doing something right here - just can't...
  6. C

    Engineering Mode / Hidden Menu

    I have a 2015 E250 cdi and wanted to ask if anyone knew how to access the hidden menu / engineering mode in order to access the 'behind the scene settings' the car has to offer? Ive watched a few vids on you tube but seems to be for older cars.
  7. Giantvanman

    Do you struggle with mechanical and engineering problems?

    Here is the solution:-
  8. M

    850HP Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 by Weistec Engineering

    A true beast. from the article: German Mercedes tuning specialist upped output of the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 to “just” 700 hp and 708 lb-ft of torque, Weistec has gone all out – increasing output of the six-wheeler from 536 hp and 560 lb-ft to a whopping 850 hp and 900 lb-ft of torque...
  9. M

    Comand Aps engineering mode

    Hey, Wondering if someone knows how to enter engineering mode on Comand Aps, got CLK 08 reg. Thanks
  10. P

    C220 W205 audio 20 engineering mode/menu

    Hi, just took delivery of C220 W205, the Audio 20 sounds inferior to my previous c180 w204 (2010) The bass is very poor and hardly improves after tweaking with the built in 3 band EQ. Does any body know how to access the engineering mode/menu i know there's a sequence of button presses on...
  11. s4mb0

    engineering mode

    How do you access the engineering mode on the sat nav i have tried holding mute+call end+services but nothing is happening Mercedes E320 v6 sport
  12. ACID

    Weistec Engineering Released the CLA45/A45 Downpipe and Midpipe!

    From heat shield to laser cut and bent brackets, to CNC machined exhaust flanges, the complete exhaust system is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel making it the most durable in all conditions. 3.5" (89mm) Downpipe outlet allows for optimal exhaust flow and virtually no restriction...
  13. developer

    Engineering The Maximum Speed Of Vehicles

    How I love my car and it's performance, along with the numerous bikes and superbikes I've owned over the years :thumb:. However, I do wonder why manufacturers produce vehicles that can go twice the speed limit (and more for some cars/countries). The "power to get me out of trouble" argument...
  14. alzieboy

    Engineering Menu

    Does anybody know if within the Enginnering menu there are any settings for the Nav SD card to enable the importing Data when sd card is slotted in the Ntg4.5 . for Nav PersonalPOI . This worked the first time i installed the sd card and the POI all worked well, I removed the sd card to install...
  15. W

    Weistec Engineering Offical Introduction to MB Club

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to at last introduce ourselves to MB Club! As many of you know, we offer the highest quality performance parts for your AMG Mercedes. Whether you are looking for an easy bolt on such as air filters, to high power supercharger systems, we have what you're...
  16. Howard

    Engineering help please

    Hi all I've had a bit of a disaster with one of my bikes ( like a few others on here , I like my old bikes ) Long story short , I've lost the bits off one cantilever that hold the brake pad in place. The cantilevers are NLA nor the parts for them , and people sell them as sets on eBay for big...
  17. B

    Engineering Mode Manual

    Hiya All Does anyone have a PDF or Manual of the Engineering mode so when I access it I know what I'm changing? Please reply
  18. A

    NTG1 engineering codes

    Hi All, I have a 2004 CL500 with the NTG1 command system, I do not have the eta facility in navigation so am assuming the firmware to be prior to the 06 update. Can someone tell me how and what code to use to get to the engineering menu on the display, and where or can I download the 06 firmware...
  19. johncook109

    Secret menu for engineering mode on NTG3.0

    Is there any secret menu for the engineering in the NTG 3.0 comand. I have seen many instructions posted and u-tubed for all the others but never for this particular version. :dk:
  20. W

    The 850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering - /TUNED

    The 850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering - /TUNED - YouTube wM_q8iws-Ww
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