1. daveenty

    Any structural engineers

    As title really, preferably NW based. I have a garage, approximate measurements of 5500 x 3000, with a ceiling height of around 2400. I need to make a hole in said ceiling around 3000 x 2000 to enable a car roof to fit through it on a ramp. The problem I have is that the pitched tiled roof is...
  2. The _Don

    Ecclestone: It's an engineers' championship

    Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley agree that today's F1 is about the engineers more than drivers
  3. ioweddie


    Understanding Engineers #1 Two engineering students were biking across a university campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday, minding my own business, when a beautiful woman rode up on...
  4. W

    Any structual engineers near Bath?

    Hi all, Looking for a structual engineer to do some calculations on what is needed to hold my back wall up when I knock through for an extension. I had one booked thats let me down and so hunt is back on. Needed sooner rather than later and I am near Bath. Any leads appreciated!
  5. Nthkentman

    W203 C220 NTG 2.5 engineers code please?

    I'm after the access code to Comand for my car, Tried *all* the online variations but no success. Anyone any ideas of the button press sequence?
  6. AnimMerc

    Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers

    BBC Sport - Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers
  7. R

    any ASDL engineers here on the forum

    As heading any ASDL engineers here, was looking for some advise or tips over a particular issue I am suffering.
  8. Godot

    Mercedes engineers excited by prospect of working closely with Nicole Sherzinger

    As Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton announced his move from McLaren to Mercedes, race-day engineers at his new team insisted they couldn’t wait to start working close to his girlfriend. Hamilton will race for Mercedes from next season, whilst Nicole Sherzinger is expected to be hanging...
  9. R

    S&R engineers. Formby

    Just thought I'd recommend S&R in Formby. I used them last week they diagnosed the problem on my car by ear ( split airflow pipe ) didn't need to run any diagnostic tests. Very impressed, thanks Ray.
  10. reflexboy

    Any Home A/C engineers? Advice needed please

    I have a small bedroom (11ftx10ft) and in the summer it's like a sauna. I was thinking of installing a split AC unit to help me sleep. Are these 'DIY', pre-gassed systems any good? Surely the length of connecting pipe between the units won't have any gas in them and therefore the system will be...
  11. rf065

    Any Heating/Air Conditioning Engineers?

    My condensing boiler stops working every time it goes down to -10C (condensate drain pipe on outside wall freezing), I've been looking at pipe insulation from B&Q but have been told that it's not suitable for outside use and I require "closed cell insulation" like Armaflex, used on air...
  12. EDZ649

    Any Sky or TV engineers in the house?

    I have 46" Samsung LCD TV, only 6 months old. I also upgraded to Sky+ HD when I bought it. Today while watching a film I noticed that where the pause/playback icon appears in the bottom left corner of the screen there seems to be some distortion in a box shaped area exactly where the icon is...
  13. reflexboy

    Any plumbers or heating engineers in the house?

    Morning gents I have the dreaded Potterton Suprima 50 boiler (3 PCBs later). More or less cured the 'lockout' problem by having installed the latest PCB, but still get a 'lockout' every week or so. I have put this down to the fact that my pipes are constantly gurgling with when the boiler/pump...
  14. jukie

    Any Sky engineers / experts in the house?

    I have Sky+, non-HD. The dish is at least 7 years old. The box is kust over 5 years old. I have a signal issue with various channels, mainly the "five" channels (five, fiver, five usa, etc), plus others like Eurosport, Bravo, Virgin, Alibi & CBS drama. If I watch any of these channels in...
  15. jimti

    Any TV engineers out there who can help?

    Remote control extender problem this is my wiring diagram, the problem I have is the remote control extender doesn't seem to work,:doh: have I done something wrong? :dk: It was working, but I had a problem with the TV pictures and had to replace an old amplifier, the one connected to the sat...
  16. S

    Alternative energy / Heating engineers help & advice please

    Hi, I would like some help with heating system set up please- I am looking into my options.... Current set up: -Pressurised system run off oil fired boiler running hot water & house heating -Large house served currently by large capacity old style(but less than 5yrs old) rads in steel with the...
  17. mercmanuk

    washing machine engineers on the site???

    i need some advise on a bosch wta 2000 tumble dryer,when switched on the timer runs,the elements get warm but the drum dont turn,ive checked the belt thats ok . the motor is a brushless motor on the side of the motor there is a condenser or start capaciter with live and neutral going in and the...
  18. Spinal

    Professional Status for Engineers Petition

    The petition to recognise Engineers are professional/skilled workers has now closed, ( ) Some petitions are responded to even before they close - this one seems to have been left unanswered so far. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that either it...
  19. 9

    Understanding Engineers

    Just come across these on another forum- thought they may amuse: Understanding Engineers - 1 Two engineering students crossing the campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business...
  20. R

    Any engineers (long shot) ?

    Hi folks Any engineers here? I,m looking for a 16mm end mill slot drill long series.four flute if poss.I want it to mill a slot out of my gear shift panell to fit a folding mirror switch.
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