1. markjay

    NHS England hit by 'cyber attack'

  2. G

    Any MB paint shops in northeast England, Newcastle ?

    Looking for recommendations for painting an mb r129 in Newcastle area please
  3. C

    South East England Meet (Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex etc)

    Hi everyone, A few of us have been talking about a meet, and possible Hindhead tunnel run. Location is fairly central for Hampshire, (West) Sussex and Surrey counties, but isn't a million miles from Kent, East Sussex, London or at a stretch, Dorset (Bournemouth) either. Weather permitting, it...
  4. Marvin16x

    Marvin's 2016 road trip around England / Wales

    Morning everyone, isn't it lovely when you write a long text on your phone, even save it by copying it to the cache, and the next minute your phone freezes and restarts automatically and all is lost. Happened to me yesterday morning when I woke up in my car somewhere near Rye, down south...
  5. S

    England in a World Cup final

    World T20 final this afternoon. England V West Indies, is anyone else going to be watching? I've got a few mates coming round and have a couple of cases of Peroni chilling down just in case we get thirsty.
  6. E

    Wanted: W203 CLK430 convertible in Southern England

    Hi all, I'm looking for a clk430 convertible, preferably silver with black interior and with fewer than 100k on the clock. If you have one for sale - I am based in Surrey but will happily travel for the right car - then I'd be pleased to hear from you. Many thanks
  7. The _Don

    15 million UK jobs at risk from robots, warns Bank of England

  8. H

    Nissan Murano £4800. South England

    Selling my Nissan Murano: Nissan Murano 3.5 V6. Excellent SUV. £4800, 45,000 miles only. Loaded with Sat Nav, Camera + extras | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  9. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK trip #2

    Hi all, 7 weeks of summer jobbing at DAIMLER have come to an end and it's now time to sort out the final bits before our second UK road trip starts. Some of you might remember that we did the same thing two years ago. My mate Felix, me and the old red(ish) Benz, from Stuttgart up to Inverness...
  10. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places in Southern England and Cornwall

    Hey all, the first leg of our 2015 UK trip will take us along the south coast all the way to Land's End and then up through Wales and so on ... Once again I'm hoping to get some advice from you guys as to which roads to take and other nice things and places that can be seen on our way...
  11. abecketts

    Another England Rugby Star less for the World Cup

    England rugby star Danny Cipriani in drink-drive arrest - BBC News Likely to be dropped from the squad as a result of this incident, he driving a C63
  12. Marvin16x

    Your favorite scenic roads and places in Wales

    Hey all, it's still 4 months until our second UK trip with the old Benz, but since I got nothing better to do I'd like to start planning now - and I need your advice :) Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time in August 2013 and went - more or less - straight up to Peak District NP after...
  13. fab1975

    C300 Hybrid

    HI guys, I have been trying to arrange a test drive of the C300 Hybrid for over two months, but without success. I will spare you my boring story, but the bottom line is that so far it has been impossible to find any C300 Hybrid available for a short test drive in the North West of England...
  14. I

    Welder recommendation, NW England.

    Hi All, I'm in need of some serious welding/reconstruction on a 190 Cosworth. Has anyone enjoyed a good job in my region - Manchester/Lancashire. Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul
  15. D

    The boundaries of England

    BBC News - The awkward jigsaw of England's boundaries I find history very interesting and I also enjoy a good North v south and Yorkshire v Lancashire bit of banter and this little article sheds some light on the history behind some of our boundaries.
  16. A

    STAR owner in NE England

    Looking for someone that has STAR, and knows how to use it to code a few things in/out for me - I'm willing to pay for this of course (just not stealer or Indy prices :wallbash::eek:) I'm in South Shields and willing to travel to surrounding areas:bannana::rock:
  17. Lee C63

    How many AMG owners in the North East Of England

    Just wondering how many of us are in the N.East of England and what cars we are running. And if there is any interest in organizing a meet one evening etc. To swap stories and compare cars. Obviously weather and location dependent. I Have met a few in person. Chris CLS 55 Abb CLS 55...
  18. D

    MB events in NW England?

    Does anyone know of any regular or one-off Mercedes owners events around the Cheshire area - England?
  19. fatdazza

    Only in England!!!!

    It could only happen here! BBC News - Two bearded pupils in Accrington banned from classroom
  20. Miss Ellie

    R107 Resto / bodyshop in North of England

    Just enjoyed my first summer with Miss Ellie, a 29 year old German girl that my wife approves my spending time with... I was hooked when the V8 first fired up. In great shape mechanically - I had her checked prior to purchase by John Vines of classiccarinspector.co.uk who did a very thorough...
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