1. D

    Fitting a Parrot kit into an E class estate (W211)

    Hello! First post as I've just bought a 320 CDI estate on an 04 plate. I'm trying to transfer my Parrot Mki9200 to my new car and I'm finding it difficult to figure out which cable I need. I have the Comand stereo/navigation unit with the CD changer below it. Not that the single slot CD...
  2. S

    New Channel - MB Workshop Videos of all sorts! (Mixed English and German)

    https://www.youtube.com/user/MBOwnersClub This channel has an ever increasing number of workshop videos being added on virtually every Mercedes made in the last ten years. Titles are a little obscure and probably badly translated, but there's some very useful stuff in there - I found the...
  3. N

    Can you pass this English Sats exam for 10 and 11 year olds?

    http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/can-you-pass-this-english-sats-exam-for-10-and-11-year-olds--W1XEAXrOfb 9/10.
  4. Horrgakx

    Being English in Scotland

    Hi all - I was in Edinburgh this weekend for a lads break. Unfortunately the England v Australia rugby was on (not a fan) and every time Australia scored the Scots in the pub cheered and chanted "England's going home". I felt embarrassed for them for this behaviour. Why??
  5. moonloops

    £15bn spending on English roads announced.

    In case anyone has missed it: BBC News - Roads funding: £15bn to be spent on schemes for England
  6. N

    W211 Facelift / Audio 50 APS Manuals English

    Hi, Norway calling... Earlier tonight AMGeed kindly decoded my vin for me... a few surprises, but basically the manuals are in German. As it has taken me nearly two years to get to a decent standard of Norwegian, I need some assistance to see if I can get some manuals or copies for my car...
  7. L

    what is SL-Class(>07/04; <04/08) in plain simple english?

    what is SL-Class (>07/04; <04/08) in plain simple english? compatibility wize...
  8. John

    Old English cars.

    So driving down the M20 first thing this morning in my UK plated Merc, I drive passed a lot of Triumphs, MGs etc. all with German plates. How times have changed...
  9. ringway

    The difference between English and German builders.

    At least he tries to make it less obvious.
  10. whitenemesis

    English Wiki 24hr Blackout

    English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout - Wikimedia Foundation Good Ol' Uncle Sam :rolleyes:
  11. N

    It's English, Jim, but not as we know it.

    Vocabulary quiz. Merriam-Webster Online
  12. Alex

    English lessons

    Hi I have a few things I need to clear up as I'm not 100% sure how to use them and when! I'm talking about grammar. I will be adding some more to this thread every now and again in a hope that others could enlighten/correct me! Many thanks and here's the first batch: A. I've been driving a...
  13. proser

    English to German

    What do the germans call a tailgate. I know I can do na online translation of that word, but not sure if they actually call it that or something else.

    English law sucks!

    Having been let down three times by buyers of their flat , my daughter and son-in-law were delighted when a couple came to view, made an offer for a "quick sale " as they were selling their house to a cash buyer. After several months of delays , they received a visit from their buyers ,in order...
  15. npuk

    Wonderful English from Around the World

    Wonderful English from Around the World In a Bangkok temple: IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER A WOMAN,EVEN A FOREIGNER, IF DRESSED AS A MAN. Cocktail lounge, Norway : LADIES ARE REQUESTED NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN IN THE BAR. Doctor's office, Rome : SPECIALIST IN WOMEN AND OTHER DISEASES. Dry...
  16. grober

    ENGLISH guide to Russian EPC

    Found this site where a guy in the US ?? has compiled an English guide to one of the Russian parts sites. Possibly been posted before --but if not??? Index to Mercedes EPC Parts Info and Diagrams | Everything Benz
  17. L

    Part Number Request for '03 W211 E220 CDI Service Booklet in English

    Over here in the states I have an E220 CDI that was imported from Belgium. A very rare bird. All of my vehicle literature is of course in French and, although being as helpful as possible, my local dealer and MBUSA are unable to find any references to the part numbers or order numbers for these...
  18. MercFanUk

    Can anyone read old written English?

    Hi all! I've been doing a lot of work on my family tree lately, and more often than not I struggle to read half of the writing on the census records. Most times I eventually figure it out, however this time I'm stuck... Can anyone read that word? It's a profession of some sort, most...
  19. lagolag

    Linguatronic, German to English?

    Can anyone help me with what part no. I have to use to replace my German Linguatronic Voice module to one in English?:dk:
  20. Palfrem

    COMAND (of the English language)

    RED MERCEDES 450SL 450 SL V8 RDSR CONVERTIBLE TAX 2011 on eBay (end time 16-May-10 19:47:07 BST) Read 'em and weep Apologies if a repost
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