1. developer

    Enhanced Anti Theft Protection - Code 885

    Any idea what this is, from the datacard? It follows 882 Alarm system with immobiliser and interior protection. Thanks,
  2. G

    Enhanced power and economy

    Hi All, I recently asked about how to improve performance and/or gain better economy for my slightly older W210 turbo diesel. I wanted to share with you something which has helped me BG 44K Fuel additive BG44K | Power Enhancer News In simple terms i was getting an average of 29mpg from...
  3. bh13coupe

    w124 coupe enhanced stopping power

    I have a w124 coupe facelift model, I am looking at ways to improve the brakes, I have heard that you can fit e500/R129 500sl brakes which have greater stopping power. Has anyone had any experience updating brakes on a w124 coupe?
  4. C

    Enhanced Esso Diesel ?

    Was contemplating an additional six mile journey to my nearest BP filling station this evening, to try out the BP Ultimate diesel. Thought better of it and settled for the normal Shell brew, but when picked up the nozzle emblazened all over the pump is advertising blurb claiming :-...
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