1. S

    How much are we enjoying our cars?

    I've not been on the forum that long - only bought my first MB in March. Had a few problems to begin with but hopefully (touching wood as I type) I can start to enjoy the experience. My point is, that many people tend to come to these forums to ask advice on problems or faults, and as such, it...
  2. corned

    Anyone else enjoying the classic F1 on ESPN?

    For the last several weekends, the ESPN Classic channel has been showing old F1 Grands Prix. Today, we saw Hunt's championship-winning run at Fuji in '76 (a race so treacherous that Lauda refused to participate, even though it cost him the title), plus four or five British Grands Prix from '69...
  3. Steve_Perry

    Anyone else enjoying this game at the moment?

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PS2. Enormous fun but not for the easily offended or under 18's. S. p.s. So I'm a big kid :p
  4. O

    enjoying SL500 after disability

    I became paraplegic (not the drunk sort) after an accident last year. I will get some compensation in the next year or two. After a recent change in the law, wheelchair users who need to have a car adapted in some way, no longer have to pay vat on new cars. These two things combine to give...
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