1. developer

    Emaiing Proforma Enquiries

    In my dealings with the council I email queries via their website, usually filling in a proforma type mask. Usually, no reply - nothing - so a phone call has to follow. Safe in the knowledge that the private sector would be better, I filled in two email enquiry forms on Monday, again via...
  2. GordonTarling

    Directory Enquiries

    Is anyone here registered for 192.com's premium service? I need to find someone's address/ phone number and when I search, it appears to find the right person, but tells me that I need credits with them to use the premium service. I'd gladly sign up, but it won't let you pay for just the one...
  3. jay73

    Parts Enquiries

    Hi all, Thankyou all for the business so far, I hope that I have also helped some of you out with your quotes and enquiries etc... Part identification and the nature of it means that a chassis number is really a must in order for me to accurately identify parts...especially trim parts and to...
  4. glojo

    Directory Enquiries

    Following a very interesting thread last night it became apparant that at least one member is not aware that you can use Directory Enquiries for FREE on the Internet. BT frequently change their home page, but at present you will find the link in the bottom left corner of this site...
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