1. M

    Problem entering radio code

    Hi there, my dad has a 2003 ml270 inspiration and hes had to fit a new battery over the weekend, he didnt have to original radio code so he has purchased one off the internet using the radios serial number, its a Becker Audio 10 with the cd changer in the boot, issue were having is that the code...
  2. V

    R107 SL engine heat entering cabin

    It appears that heat from the engine is entering the cabin of my 1986 R107 SL. After driving for an hour or so the cabin starts becoming oppressively hot, and after around two hours of driving the dashboard becomes almost too hot to touch. This is with all heater controls turned off, and very...
  3. A

    Entering a name - Audio 20 telephone system

    Hi, First time MB owner and first post on here. I've just bought a 2011 C220 CDI fitted with the basic Audio 20 system (red/green phone buttons as I think that differentiates it?) Been battlling this morning to get the contacts from my Iphone 3GS into the Audio 20 with no luck. So after...
  4. G

    fumes entering a v230

    Hello,my v230 seems to have more faults than any previous mercs I have owned.It was converted to lpg 7 months ago and runs fine.however it is only averaging 17 to the gallon on petrol.Luckily on gas it is the equivalent of about 35 mpg.The main problem now is when I accelerate whilst on LPG...
  5. C240Sport97

    Entering code for Audio 10 CD & programming radio stations

    I am the very happy owner of a virtually new Audio 10CD, thanks to Pammy. However, when I do get round to begging someone to help me fit it, I don't know how to input the code (I have this) to make it work. If someone knows how this is done, please let me know. Also, by looking at the...
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