1. C

    New AMG owner & enthusiast

    Recently purchased my first AMG & went in knee deep with the E63. Waow, I'm impressed, 2010 E63 Black Edition with a couple of extras to keep me busy. Plans are: Remap, Bypass 2nd CAT & open throttle up Deswirl exterior paintwork which is annoying me German style plates with AMG surround...
  2. kusanku

    Mercedes Enthusiast magazine

    I have a collection of Mercedes Enthisiast magazines, probably the first fifty all in virtually as-new condition. I tried to sell them a few years ago, but the buyer never paid so they have been sitting around ever since. I need to get rid of them, so I wondered if anyone might be interested in...
  3. brunotxu

    W123 enthusiasts wanted!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi - I am a newbie and really keen on W123s. Looking forward to connecting with some other enthusiasts out there.... Please do drop me a line! Bruno
  4. T

    CLS Enthusiast !

    Morning All Newbie introduction, Steve from Kent, 2007 CLS320CDI is my baby. Just beginning to upgrade/ replace some items, and ive been pointed at this forum in connection with upgrading to LED rear lights, amongst other things __________________ Steve 2007 CLS320CDI ( upgrades/mods in...
  5. I

    New Member from Aberdeenshire.

    Hello! I am Darren, 23 and from Ellon (Aberdeenshire - Scotland) I have just bought myself my first "sensible car" a 61 plate C220 CDI Auto in white.. love the car.. pick it up tomorrow night hopefully! I am new to the mercedes name being a Audi man my last 2 cars.. below is two...
  6. R

    Only 4 more posts and I'll be a 'Hardcore MB Enthusiast'

    That's pretty exciting for a Thursday evening. I'm guessing that OT posts don't count though...
  7. MWCLS

    Cls 55 amg

    **WANTED**, CLS 55 AMG/63 must have full well documented history, well specced,nav,sunroof, ( Airmatic ) which I believe is std, heated, vented seats multi contour. colour wise, dark or blue, designo obviously desirable. NO silver cars. No intergalactic mileage , no catoregy cars. Really...
  8. The _Don

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines c43 amg for sale

    http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201409037094451 It is mercedes enthusiast magazines c43, not a forum members.
  9. 24karrat

    Mercedes Benz Enthusiast Magazine car feature

    I've been getting the car prep't, ready and on the road and in doing so I managed to get in touch with a columnist writer from MB enthusiast Mag and asked if they would like to feature my 560 SEL Jap import in their magazine and sure enough they said yes! The car has a lot of original...
  10. D

    W124 Enthusiast In Scotland - any more

    Hi I live in Edinburgh and have been driving a W124 E320 Estate since 2001. I'd really like a coupe one of these days but sadly don't have a garage to keep it in. Looking to swap notes etc with other W124 owners in this part of the world. Cheers!
  11. RBYCC

    Mercedes enthusiast november issue

    Finally had the "Spotlight" article on my C124 widebody build published in the November issue of Mercedes Enthusiast. The MBClub.co.uk website was mentioned, so hopefully it will bring a few new members ! Thanks for the help and support I received from many on this forum :cool: Ed A.
  12. The _Don

    Ricky s and savman merc enthusiast feature e55 amg

    Good work guys !
  13. 9

    Newbie here but old AMG enthusiast

    Hi Folks, Long time visitor first time posting. Currently running 2006 W211 E63 previous AMG cars: W210 E55 AMG where it all started. 2006 CLS 55 AMG ran for a year now gone but never forgotten... Looking forward to advice and opinion:thumb: Thanks in advance to all:thumb:
  14. R

    Who reads Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine?

    Having discovered in my other thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/148315-mercedes-enthusiast-photoshoot.html that not many newsagents seem to stock Mercedes Enthusiast and therefore not many people had read "my" article, I wondered how many of our 75000 members buy the...
  15. R

    Mercedes Enthusiast Photoshoot

    As some of you know my C350 V6 Elegance is featured in April's edition of Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine (Out today!). The photographer was Terry Oborne Terry Oborne Photography | who has kindly let me use some of his photos. These aren't exactly the ones that the magazine used. I'm pleased with...
  16. RBYCC

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine

    When Mercedes Enthusiast did the photo shoot for my C124 Widebody ( feature article coming this summer ), they decided to take some pix of my 1971 280SL. Found out a few weeks ago that it would be in the current ( March 2013 ) issue ..page 44 and 45. :D Ed A.
  17. R

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine Photoshoot

    Well I am now able to explain the reason for my detailing over recent months. On Friday Mercedes Enthusiast are doing a photoshoot with my car in order to do an article for the magazine:) Obviously I want the car at its best for the shoot so I have been working on it to build up the layers...
  18. hedley

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines offered (2003 - 2010)

    Would anybody like to collect a whole pile of Mercedes Enthusiast magazines, from 2003 to around 2010 - all years and months in between from my annual subscriptions. All kept in nice condition in official binders. I can't remember exactly last edition, but I can check if necessary. I need the...
  19. ShinyF1

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine Issue 100

    I've tried to order a back issue of this edition but apparently they are out of print. Does anyone have a copy? Image attached - there is one article I'm after (clue's on the cover) Thanks Sean
  20. Steve Holland

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine.

    Issue November 2001 (Issue 1) December 2001 (issue 2), January 2002 (Issue 3), February 2002 (Issue 4), April 2002 (Issue 6), May 2002 (Issue 7). Any reasonable offer accepted or half a gallon of 2 star unleaded plus postage. All monies made going to the C180 Estate for the future benefit of...
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