1. B

    Price of entire S500 Coupe 2016 exhaust

    Hi, this is my first post on any forum. My friend recently purchased a brand new Mercedes S500 coupe which is absolutely beautiful but within the first few days of receiving he decided he wanted to install a Brabus kit on the vehicle. He had the alloys, body, exhaust etc all changed. It looks...
  2. st13phil

    Man films entire holiday in "selfie" mode

    I couldn't help but laugh at this one: Irish dad films Las Vegas holiday of lifetime on GoPro but realises too late camera was in selfie mode
  3. A

    W202 Bootlid entire unit

    I came back to my car to find that some c*nt destroyed my bootlid and as angry as i am about it i need to start looking for one in the same colour. I want it to be good enough to put on the car directly, no damage or rust is much preferred. Colour code of the car is: "189 emerald (green) black...
  4. R

    Smoking Ban - No Smoking on entire industrial estate?

    Like many companies up and down England I'm sure, we recently had a presentation where the smoking ban was explained. We were informed that smoking would not be allowed in the building, would only be allowed in the partially uncovered shelter outside, and that there would be fines for...
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