1. K

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Hello Everyone, I am new toi this forum and wanted to talk about my horrible experience. I purchased a C200 brand new from Mercedes Benz Brooklands and collected the car in January 2016. In May of this year the car was stolen from my drive without the thieves getting into my house and...
  2. N

    Keyless Entry

    Hi All, I have keyless entry on my 2003 CLK. I've just had the drivers side handle replaced as it never worked since I bought the car. The passenger side has always worked, when you click the handle the doors (divers and passengers doors unlock) and the passengers door is slightly push out...
  3. H

    CLK w209 keyless entry not working

    Hi I cant seem to get my keyless entry to work on my 2006 CLK350 convertible. The batteries in the key seem to be working fine as it locks and unlocks the doors via the buttons etc. When inside the car, the keyless go function also works fine, so I can start the car with the keys in my...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    Keyless Entry Car Theft

    Seen the previous posts about this and there was an item on the "One Show" tonight about cars with keyless entry being stolen with some hi tech gear. I was a bit concerned as we have a static caravan on the coast and I would assume that picking up the keyfob signal through the walls of one of...
  5. R

    Retrofit radio keyless entry to infrared equipped w203?

    Is it possible to change from infrared to radio? Maybe a module from later c class models?
  6. Lenny63

    The very common keyless door entry issue

    A bit like a ticking time bomb I suppose , my drivers keyless door handle stopped working after a heavy freeze yesterday ! Late last night it worked twice but then stopped working again It will Neither lock or unlock the car - all remaining 3 including boot are working fine Car was plugged...
  7. C

    Easy Entry System

    Hi all, does anyone know why I cant activate the Easy Entry system on my 2003 E240 saloon. It was working fine until I serviced the car the other day and I reset the service reminder, not sure if I switched something off by mistake. I can get into the sub menu for Convenience settings and the...
  8. S

    Low Entry Car Jacks

    I'm in need of a new trolley jack, low entry to stuff under low/lowered cars. What are we all using, any recommendations?
  9. st13phil

    Odd Hands-Free Entry Behaviour

    Background: My E63 has hands-free access to the boot, which is achieved by making a kicking motion under the rear of the car and as long as the key is on your person the boot lid will either open or close. I park my car on my drive overnight (garage full of motorcycle, workbench etc.) with...
  10. brucemillar

    124 Wagon. Metal Door Sill Entry Plates.

    Folks If anybody is breaking a 124 Wagon or knows of a set of metal 124 door sill entry plates? Please give me shout. I have the plastic mushroom ones which look okay, but I think that some nice polished metal ones would be better. Thank you. Bruce
  11. G

    Just wondered if I have an entry for the starship mileage club here?

    Hi all, don't post often but that may change after my latest purchase! I am now the proud owner of a S210 320 CDi that has covered a staggering 361000 miles..... She is a 2 owner car and has a FULL Mercedes history :bannana: The bills from Mercedes are nothing short of ridiculous, gave up...
  12. grumpyoldgit

    Keyless entry thefts. Beware.

    Is this info right and cause for concern? New low-cost gadget allows thieves easy access to cars
  13. P

    Keyless entry & Start/stop

    My SL55 has this option but the last owner didn't have the card key so am I correct in thinking I cant use either function without one? If so what is the most cost effective solution? cheers
  14. D

    W164 ML 320 Command Navigation 5 vs 7 Digit Postcode Entry

    Does anyone know of a firmware or other software update that could allow 7 rather than the German 5 Digit Postcode entry on the Command Navigation system for an ML320 W164? I am asking as someone who loves the system and can work around it but it frustrates me every time my wife steals my...
  15. uumode

    W205 exit and entry memory seat position?

    Does the W205 electric seats have an exit position, where the seat goes back when the door is opened, to facilitate exit from the vehicle. Then the reverse when getting into the car, when door is closed it resumes the memorised driving position? Seem to remember some W205 owners saying...
  16. m2287

    Keyless entry

    So I picked up a rather nice w211 320 v6 petrol with the AMG kit, wheels and exhaust for my wife's grandfather.... It needs a couple of things doing such as the drivers wing mirror indicator is cracked and the heater element has broken in the wing mirror glass, easy enough fixes! The problem...
  17. uumode

    Hijacking a keyless entry MB?

    Can you hijack a Mercedes with keyless entry/start with key in pocket? Say in this scenario illustrated by the Ferrari driver when he leaves the car? i.e. what happens if the thief drives off out of key range? https://www.facebook.com/HellaflushRC/videos/850089821774025/?fref=nf
  18. anfieldassasin

    C124 keyless entry?

    Hi guys can anyone recommend an aftermarket keyless entry system for my 124 coupe? There are soo many on Amazon or eBay hard to know which one to get or which is the right one?!
  19. P

    C300h pre entry?

    Hi I have ordered a c300h estate black Amg line premium plus package cranberry red leather, black ash trim due for delivery mid November fingers crossed! Does anyone know if the pre entry climate control is going too be available on this car or is it only the c350e?
  20. FunkyFez

    Keyless Entry Niggle

    Evening all! I'm having a bit of bother with my keyless entry on my W211. The opening function on the drivers door only, seems to have become temperamental. It opens fine 3 out of 10 times, but the others it just clicks and flashes the indicators. Works a treat on all other doors and boot...
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