1. TrickyTrev

    Amg envy

    Here's a bloke that lives near me and he has too many amgs. It's not fair. I'm pretty happy with the old e55k of course, but compared to his collection, I am greener than sea sick grass. He currently has an SLS in fully GT3 body kit spec A c63 black series coupe, An 14 plate s63 All of which...
  2. M

    House name envy

    I'm being bombarded with offers to sell the name of my out-of-town house from a chap who's recently had a vulgar new mini-palace built further up the road. Seems he's determined to have the name because he believes his house is now the "grandest" (his word!) in the road and should therefore be...
  3. Merc Owner 2B

    How far can Clarkson go?

    It seems he's upset the viewers again......... BBC News - Sack Jeremy Clarkson over strike comments, Unison urges Should he really be sacked? Does his relationship with the Prime Minister mean he should reign in his opinions on political matters? Be interested in what the forum thinks.
  4. M

    Envy from other drivers

    I have several cars and I get differn't reactions from dirvers I overtake. Some people do not like to be overtaken by the Brabus they flash thier lights,speed up (I still manage to pass them) or do hand gestures. The same happens sometimes with the Saab could be the private plate, but never...
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