1. M

    Reverse camera gl320 on EPC

    Hi i am trying to work out what parts I need to retro fit a reverse camera The problem is on mercedes epc there are 2 cameras and 4 wiring looms to Choose has anyone got any ideas If i could find a vin with the feature fitted then I could check the data card I tried to talk to parts at...
  2. Chrishazle

    EPC Discs

    A good friend of mine, who will hopefully soon register on here, has recently bought a 2000 SLK 320 for his wife, and posted the following on another (non MB) forum I frequent : "I have the WIS/ASRA/EPC software for 2017 and have it all installed but cant find the epc disks to install, but I...
  3. Richard1973

    W210 EPC fault.

    On the way home tonight and did a bit of spritely acceleration only for the car to die completely and come up with EPC fault visit workshop. Turned it off and on again and it seems ok again now but the faults still showing. Any suggestions? Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  4. N

    OM606 EPC light on after shut off valve O ring replacement.

    A friend has a '98 W210 E300 TD saloon that had a pretty bad leak from the O ring on the fuel shut off valve. He replaced the O ring, put everything back together & after a lot of cranking the car fired up. He nearly flattened the 210's battery, then hooked a running car up to the 210's battery...
  5. clk320x

    Anyone got EPC?

    Can anyone who has EPC please reply here I need a P/N for a Ballast for a CLK 2003. I can PM my vin if that would help. Thanks very much
  6. Lenny63

    W219 EPC request

    Hi all Could someone post here a pic of the rear bootlid exploded diagram For a W219 CLS ? I'm doing away with the number plate holder , behind it are 4 mounts With threads and I want to see if they are attached inside the bootlid and could be removed so I can get a flush fit fpr The new...
  7. B

    W164 Running Boards in EPC - Where?

    Hi All, In EPC, where do you find 'Running Boards'? The chassis I am looking under has them fitted as standard (ML63 AMG) but in EPC, I can't find them anywhere. Under section 99 Special Internal Fittings, it lists 270 Running Boards and shows a poor quality / low res image but no part...
  8. Hectors Dad

    A little EPC help please?

    Hello oh great fonts of wisdom, I am trying to complete a steering wheel swap and could do with a little help on obtaining a part number if someone would be so kind? I am putting a W205 steering wheel into my 2015 W212 and have found the part numbers for the required buttons and the correct...
  9. U

    2000 w210 E220 cdi epc and oil pressure switch warning lights

    Hi all, This morning I have foolishly decided to wash my engine bay with a jetwash. Prior to this my car was running fine with no issues at all . However since the jetwash ( predominantly around the front of the engine and around the power steering belt area), I have had the EPC...
  10. Hectors Dad

    Best place to buy an EPC?

    Hi All, Finding you guys to be an invaluable source for answers but don't want to use up all my goodwill so can anyone suggest the best place to purchase an EPC / Workshop Manual for my E Class W212? I can of course eBay it but as you know it's a bit of a minefield and I would rather have a...
  11. roadhog

    Anyone with access to EPC?

    Could someone please confirm if a P/N 2028200926 comfort control module can replace P/N 1248203226. My new to me 124 cab has thrown up a fault with one of the rear windows. On investigation I found a short in the wiring which goes away when I unplug the comfort module. P/N fitted is...
  12. Pegasus64

    Epc warning

    Hi I on the odd occasion when I put my foot down hard I get epc come on dash and car has liss of power if I lift and press again it clears and goes as it should does not happen very often should I be worried?
  13. grober

    Epc a guide to its use

    For those fortunate enough [or just merely curious] to have access to Mercdes EPC [ electronic parts catalogue] either through Mercedes-Benz Club membership or via bootlegged or official DVD's here's a well illustrated "how to to use " pdf online. :thumb...
  14. reflexboy

    Can anyone with EPC confirm this please?

    Good morning I am after the base (bit your bum goes on!!) section of the driver's seat cover for my Dad's W204, in Artico, Alpaca Grey. Before ordering it, I just want to check I have the correct part number. Could anyone with EPC help please? His VIN is: WDD 204045 2A 285200 The part...
  15. bikesforme

    wis and epc

    Anybody using this and know how to find out how check model designation. On my clk 230 kompressor they list 4 model designations. 208347,208348,208447 and 20844i, how do i find out which one covers my car. Thanks
  16. horatio

    Access to EPC? Might have wrong springs

    Hi, I bought new front springs and shims from a MD but the car is now sitting very high, almost like a Jeep. Hopefully it will settle down but I'm not convinced, I suspect I might have been sold the wrong bits. Sorry to be cheeky but if someone with EPC access could quickly stick my chassis...
  17. abecketts

    W210 e320cdi EPC message

    Car wouldn't start this morning the plus side I took the Alfa 166 for the commute run instead. This evening the car started with my foot flat to the floor, then an error message El EPC, I take it this is most likely a leaking injector leading to low pressure in the fuel rail? Off to the garage...
  18. M

    Anyone with EPC?

    Could some please tell me the correct part number I need for the EGR cooler system on a W204 2009 C220 Cdi (651 engine)? I've ordered a new (second hand) one from Droyfields and he assures me it's the one for my engine but just wanted to double check before I send it to the garage and weigh...
  19. K

    W203 c270 cdi cutting out epc light abd p1187 code

    Brought a 2002 w203 c270 cdi with a slightly leaking pump and cutting out issue on hard accell (epc watning light and having to come to a stop to restart the car) scanned it and all sorts came up cleared them all and drove it and only code showing is p1187 - 032 rail pressure monitoring...
  20. DanMorgan

    W210 EPC (320CDi)

    Hi All, A few nights ago I bought a tuning box (late night eBay). I fitted it and straight away the EPC light came up. Fair enough, so it was taken out. However I cant seem to get rid of the warning light and consequently, im stuck in limp mode. I have tried the following: Soft ECU Reset...
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