1. grober

    epetition on vehicle rust warranty

    One Austin Rushworth has launched the following petition on the government website:- Vehicle corrosion warranties Responsible department: Department for Transport I would like to see all car manufacturers legally forced to honour the full term of their anti-corrosion warranties...
  2. Stratman

    ePetition for Ambulance Service

    I came across this on a photography forum and thought it worthy of a wider audience. How many people know that the ambulance service is not an emergency service? e-petition It is classed as an essential service. It is classed in the same category as the gas, electricity and water boards, yet...
  3. davethemus

    Middle Lane Hoggers E-petition

    I was driving west-bound on the M-8 last night and I noticed the inside lane was completely empty and in middle lane was car after car doing between 50-60 mph, it got me thinking. All these people must not be aware of the function of the middle lane, it must be ignorance. I thought to myself...
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