1. CLSMark

    Watching proper Top Gear (Grosser episode)

    Being a MB newbie I'm swatting up on all thing Benz. I've fallen in love with Jezza's 600 Grosser Has anybody in here owned one, been in one? They look incredible. Incidentally looks like it's off road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ChrisA

    Top Gear tonight's episode

    Worth watching for a change :thumb: Quite humorous and even my kids enjoyed it :D
  3. Markjames

    First episode new series Top Gear

    top gear It might have already been done but in case anyone missed it, new series of top gear 8pm tonight, bbc2.
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Final Episode of this series- Wheeler Dealers 9pm Discovery

    Cadillac de Ville Clearly the poorest series yet, hardly any detail in the repairwork done and too much time 'testing' the cars afterwards. Return to the old days please Attaboy Productions!
  5. timwood2000

    Top Gear - not even a new episode

    I thought we were in a new series - that Blackpool run is an old item that was shown last series!
  6. Gollom

    Rock Rivals - final episode

    Suzy Cute has been catching up with stuff on PVR - but the final episode of Rock Rivals is not there!! :eek: Anybody got it/know where it is so I can be Her Hero? Always on the lookout for brownie points! :D
  7. kbhogalW126

    Episode 1 - The A Team on Bravo Channel 123!

    Folks, Episode 1 is on channel 123 (Bravo). It will be re-run at 1.30pm on channel 124 (bravo+1)! Wonderful as I've never seen the first episodes before. KJ
  8. Gollom

    Masterchef - episode Wednesday 20th Feb

    Anybody record this and could dump it to DVD for me? Damm series link on the TopUpTV thingie (DTI1600) did not work (got Bill Oddie instead :eek: ) Also missed last Thursdays 1 hour episode :mad:
  9. grober

    The Sopranos last episode.

    The last episode.------- FADE TO BLACK----------- a fitting end to the best television series from the US ever ?? http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/episode/season6/episode85.shtml edit:- should have posted this "off topic" sorry
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Star Wars Episode III: Offical title

    Revenge of the Sith Offical Link Not bad eh? could have been far worst!
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