1. E

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Orange)

    Sons time to upgrade! Excellent condition, just a little chrome worn off one of the buttons. £75 Delivered next working day!
  2. neilz

    2 x Ericsson office phones

    £20 ONO for both, they work but need to be connected to an office exchange (can't be used as normal home phones). VGC, see photos. Now surplus to requirements. Model: Dialog 4222
  3. big_amg


    Has few scuffs here and there but not bad. Overall i would say GOOD condition, i should have the accessories and a plug in speaker thingy for it somewhere. one of the clips on the charger is broken but still charges ok. has a good 8.1mp camera and will come with an 8gb memory card. looking for...
  4. dog68

    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo

    Sony Ericsson Xperia neo for sale, Brand new, unwanted upgrade, T- mobile network, would like collection in person, Open to sensible offers.
  5. S

    Sony Ericsson Xperia mini

    For sale. Comes with charger, cables, phone used briefly by me but its too small I find. 5mp camera, 3g smart phone etc. Sensible offers please and add fiver for postage.
  6. GrahamC230K

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute

    Sony Ericsson HCE-16 Advanced Music Mute (now discontinued) wanted. If anyone has one or knows of a source, please contact me via PM. thanks
  7. I

    Sony Ericsson LTD Edition Mobile Phone

    Got this mobile phone on upgrade, they forgot to mention it had flowers on it and as much as I am in touch with my feminine side, don't think a phone with flowers on it would go down well at business meetings. SOny Ericsson W595 Sakura Edition (LTD edition only sold by Carphone Warehouse)...
  8. A

    Viseeo with Sony Ericsson c905

    Can anybody help with this? I have a post facelift W203 with DVD command I have fitted a viseeo MB2 and all the contacts have gone across. I was really happy until I realised that when the phone syncs with the car the contacts list on the phone becomes unavailable after leaving the car. I have...
  9. portzy

    Sony Ericsson C902

    For sale. Sony Ericsson C902 Platinum presently on O2. Absolutely pristine new condition complete with charger, USB cable, earpiece, software and instructions. The only thing missing is the original box. Offers around £100 and buyer pays postage and insurance if required PM me for...
  10. C

    Mobile - Sony Ericsson w880i [unlocked]

    Sony Ericsson W880i in silver/black with orange highlights In as new condition + all leads Phone is unlocked ready for any sim, contract or pay as you go ideal x-mas pressie Reason for Sale: want something on contract Price new...
  11. pammy

    Tom Tom Go 700 and Sony Ericsson K850i

    I got my shiny new SE K850i about 4 weeks ago now. It's OK as phones go and I'm getting used to how it works etc etc. But I cannot get my Tom Tom Go 500 to see it. The phone sees the Tom Tom but the Tom Tom can't see it at all. Anybody got any ideas?
  12. Tan

    Sony Ericsson P990i

    Hi My wife has a Sony Ericsson P990i that she wants to sell, as she is getting a blackberry from work so wants a small phone. The phone is in great condition with all the accessories. £150 ono...
  13. Tan

    Unlocking a Sony Ericsson P990

    Hi I need to unlock a SE P990i that is on the orange network currently. I have heard conflicting reports as to whether this can be done remotely or not. Lots of companies on the net claim to be able to do it but I dont know which if any sites to trust. Has anyone sucessfully unlocked a...
  14. S

    Sony Ericsson W810 cradle?

    I have just ordered an SLK 280 with the phone prewire and now need to select my cradle. does anybody know if any of the cradles will support my phone? has anyone had the same situation and tried using a Sony Ericsson W810 in any of the cradles? if so have all the functions worked correctly...
  15. jahewitt

    time for a new phone - ericsson compatbility question

    Well it is time for my 18 month phone upgrade. I currently have a sony ericsson K750i - and have the UHI cradle for this - does anyone know if any other sony ericsson phones will work with this cradle ?? Cheers
  16. GRAV888

    Sony Ericsson P990i

    I'll offer this on here, before it goes on fleabay at the weekend.: I have a brand new Sony Ericsson P990i phone for sale. It comes with all the kit and is in the box. It is an approved phone for use by o2, but is unlocked, so can be used on any network. See HERE for further info on this...
  17. T

    Sony Ericsson K800i Cradle

    Hey guys, i own a MB 180 CDI elegance 06 with all the pre-wired phone installation, there isnt a phone cradle from MB out yet, do you think is it posible to use one from a similiar SE phone with the same connector? Is it posible to fit SE cradle to my car...
  18. A

    UHI Phone Cradle - Sony Ericsson W810i

    I have the Mercedes UHI phone cradle for the Sony Ericsson K750i phone. Phone just died, and Vodafone now supplying the W810i phone. W810i is the same shape/size and has the same connectors as the older K750i. Vodafone say it is essentially the same phone. Has anyone tried the newer...
  19. R

    For Sale: Sony Ericsson S700i

    I'm selling my old phone, a Sony Ericsson S700i. It looks like this... This has been a good, reliable, and solid phone. Its sim free, and works on all networks. It has the standard SE software, so no nasty special menus from the likes of Vodaphone or T-Mobile. It has the...
  20. P

    Sony Ericsson K750 and Comand

    This may have been done to death already - but cannot find anything. I have just installed a k750 cradle into my E Class with prewire etc .... when I plug the phone in I don't seem to get the network id displayed on the dash or Comand .. any ideas ??
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