1. OneForTheRoad

    error code b1226

    w211 incar temperature sensor , are these easily changed or can i just hoover it , its throwing up as the error on my aircon . thanks.
  2. 4

    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    Service brake visit workshop message .how to remove this. I have star days xentry
  3. B

    W211 ESP & ABS error

    I have a 2004 e220cdi with an ESP/ABS problem. Read back the fault codes which indicated a faulty right front speed sensor so replaced that with no improvement. Then replaced the wheel bearing with new seal (abs magnets) and again problem still exists. Upon startup no warning lights but...
  4. J

    Slk Error Code P0500

    I believe it's to with a speed sensor, EML is on .. is it ok to drive around town and will it be a costly fix? Or is it a diy?
  5. DRBC43AMG

    Error code 135

    Yesterday, I did a scan of my W202 C43 and came up with a problem area in the transmission. It gives a error code n° 135 with the info of the Siemens TCU module 021 545 87 32 located in the passenger footwell. I tried erasing the code with no success. The transmission works fine. A year ago I...
  6. N

    Hi, about error codes in canbus

    Hi, i have a w211, 270 cdi 2002, my tester give next codes: 1: 9072 Component E19/2 (right license plate lamp) is faulty or the component has a short chircuit or open circuit. 2: 9070 Component E18/4 (right trunk lamp) faulty or the component.... 3: 9090 Control unit N70 overhad control...
  7. M

    P0244 error Code Turbo actuator.

    P0244 error Code: Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid A Circuit Range/Performance Had this error coming and going on my 320 ML CDI for a long time, finally it went into limp mode and it looked like the turbo had had it. Took it to Mercedes in Angers France and was quoted around €4500 for a...
  8. A

    Continuous error messages

    I am having a problem with my 2012 e class in that if i leave it for a few hours sometimes when i start it it continually cycles through error messages and won't select gear. Go back to it later and it works fine. Have checked both batteries and they are fine. Any ideas
  9. clk320x

    Error Free LED bulbs thread

    As a lot of people on here often search for error free LED bulbs I thought we should start a thread where people who have them could post links to the ones they have... I'll get the ball rolling W5W Sidelights - I should have a set of 239 festoons...
  10. D

    C350 CDI combustion error code?

    Hi all, Got the below description coming up as a fault Can anyone shed any light on this to what it means? Motor electronics 'cd16' for combustion engine 'OM642' (N3/9) Vehicle is a C350 CDI 2010 blueefficiency Many thanks
  11. Druk

    Error message

    Using Thunderbird mail on an iMac I'm getting this message at every second or so attempt at retrieving my mail from BT. The POP3 mail server ( does not support UIDL or XTND XLST, which are required to implement the ``Leave on Server'', ``Maximum Message Size'' or ``Fetch...
  12. Benzowner

    Error Codes

    Had a problem with an error code which I enquired on here, so decided that as the problem was with the injector imbalance I would try some Wynns injector cleaner bought from my local car spares shop. Result, after a couple os...
  13. clk320x

    Error Free LED Sidelights or Number Plate Bulbs

    Has anyone ever found some LEDs for sidelights and number plates that don't throw out the annoying error on dash.. The Halfords ones worked in my cousins SLK, but after much wasted time even their 'canbus' options don't work in the CLK. They won't even switch on! (Tried both ways) Does anyone...
  14. K

    Help E55 possible Voltage Regulator issue. Battery Red Error. Need fixing tomorrow

    I am in big trouble and need my car fixed tomorrow ( Friday) I suspect the voltage regulator has gone, as both battery's were changed around 1.5 years ago and the voltage is just 11.7v with the engine running. Terry is busy for quite a well. I am located in Bracknell and will try Star...
  15. T

    Audio 20 CD ERROR

    Just bought a W211 E270 and it has a CD ERROR message when I press the CD button. It also wont take a CD. I can push a CD into the slot but t makes no attempt to take it from me and load it. I've searched the internet for a solution but cant find one. Is there a fix for this?
  16. J

    w208 clk Engine Light on P0101 error code? any help/advice?

    Hi all, need some advice on a error code which is causing the engine management light to come on, ive taken it to a few garages and no help at all. Fault code: B2/5(Hot film mass air flow sensor),Plausibility error Mass air flow sensor/Throttle Valve (P0101) when the light first came...
  17. G

    MB E280 CDI '55 won't rev over 1500 rpms (2359 error code)

    Hello All. I am hoping someone came across the same problem in the past and will help. Bought the car back in December and it was fine for the first few weeks. Then one day when accelerating on cold engine it jerked a few times. I reduced the throttle and it was fine again. Few days after the...
  18. C

    W209 P2188 Error Code

    Hi guys, Just had the CEL come on this morning on startup with code P2188 - System Too Rich Off Idle Bank 1. I've cleared the code with my basic OBD2 scanner, checked hoses for any damage, cleaned the MAF and reseated the air duct housing/checked for debris. In case it reoccurs (which I'm...
  19. C

    Limp mode after rough downshift but no error code

    W211 MY2005 7 speed auto. I have an occasional issue that now appears to getting more regular I feel it's gearbox related but could be wrong. The car will occasionally enter limp mode but stopping turning off and restarting clears the fault this is now occurring from what was a couple of times a...
  20. DelDrew

    M272 Error Code help please!

    Just got car back from Indy, they ran a fault report that, following a reset and test run, flagged up the following items. Any help on these would be appreciated! P0154 - Component Y110 (three-disk thermostat valve) has a short circuit to ground (P0598) P0406 - Component Y16/2 (Heating...
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