1. T

    Lucky Escape

    After spraying a garden ornament with silver, i didn't realise that the wind accidentally blew the silver paint onto the side of my obsidian black car, when the car was washed the next day i noticed it, Horrified, got the T-cut out and quickly removed it after an effort, now it is not noticeable...
  2. dan-mb

    HGV crash lucky escape! VIDEO

    driver lucky not to get squashed by this HGV. I dont know how he stayed so relaxed.
  3. E270 Owner

    Sky Divers Escape Just in time. Skydivers Land Safely After Plane Crash!!!! | .
  4. markjay

    Wisconsin lucky escape
  5. Godot

    Wife caught Cheating: Lover makes His escape

    Wife caught CHEATING: Lover makes Hilarious escape - YouTube
  6. M

    Check this out for a lucky escape !!

    Russian trucks crash into each other, one driver nails the dismount
  7. S

    Luck escape, the chap walked

    Shelsley Walsh Caterham crash - Talk Photography

    Monty Halls' great Irish escape.

    Brilliant :thumb: Just as good as his Scottish programs.
  9. ringway

    Foreign drivers will escape punishment for UK offences.

    Foreign drivers will be able to drink and drive, break the speed limit, jump red lights and escape without punishment because the Government has not signed up to an EU crackdown, it was claimed. LINK.
  10. corned

    Fabian Coulthard's lucky escape - Bathurst 2010.

    Just been watching the repeat coverage of the Bathurst 1000 from Mount Panarama in Aus. It's a fabulous race which I have watched since I was in my teens. However, this one had a spectacular event on the opening lap where a tyre let go at the worst possible part of the track. See what you...
  11. J

    Here your escape route if you were caught

    'Speed guns don't work,' says police superintendent clocked driving at 79mph | Mail Online
  12. MercFanUk

    Ooops! Lucky escape!

    Poor sod! BBC News - Mystery of dangling US vehicle
  13. horsesuitedfool

    Lucky escape.....

    Last night i was in inside lane on the A217 driving at 40, i indicated and moved into outside lane. I noticed a bike behind me a little way back but thought nothing of it and accelerated.....Que blue lights and being pulled over.....The officer asked how fast i was going in a 40mph limit.....I...
  14. funga007

    Lucky escape!

    Drive Smart blog - Yahoo! Cars UK amazing story!
  15. E

    The great escape

  16. jadefox

    A completely LUCKY escape but....

    not a total escape I fear :( I was driving home tonight from a night out and coming down a country lane, there's a small kerb on one side - my near side - and I was travelling about 40 after slowing down because I could see headlights coming towards me. It's a 60 limit and a reasonably strait...
  17. pammy

    Escape the room - with a motor twist get the car out!
  18. pammy

    quick n easy escape the room game passes a couple of minutes ;)
  19. pammy

    Escape the room enjoy!! :D
  20. Spinal

    PHP escape marks

    Greetings! I have been cracking my head on a site I'm working on, then I realised, this entire forumn is written in PHP so someonemight be able to help me. I've been trying to open a file (containing html), output the contents as they would be see (preview style), then output the contents with...
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