1. The _Don

    Ford Escort RS2000: PH Heroes
  2. WDB124066

    Ford Escort Twin Cam 1970

    Ford Escort Twin Cam 1970 | Trade Me
  3. 230K

    For Escort lovers

    Hi and happy Saint Patrick's Day I know there are some Escort fans here so I thought I would share Enjoy 230k
  4. smillion

    MK1 Escort, 1972, 120 miles !!!

    My first car was a 72 Escort, and I have a soft spot. This is an unbelievably low mileage example .... 120 miles ... Not cheap arguably but as the ad says, minis are dearer..... Ford Escort 1300XL 120 miles from new | eBay Marc
  5. sinewave

    8.4 second Quarter Mile Escort! :eek:
  6. WDB124066

    1997 ford escort rs cosworth

    Something special....... FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH | Trade Me
  7. The _Don

    Ph carpool: Ford escort cosworth and lotus cortina

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH Carpool: Ford Escort Cosworth and Lotus Cortina
  8. AMG Steve

    Stunning Ford Escort RS1600i Turbo

    Hello guys, this is my sons car, if you, or anybody you may know is looking for a truely stunning classic Ford, look no further.... Forums @ The Ford RS Owners Club Steve
  9. The _Don

    Spotted: Ford escort rs1600i...

    PistonHeads Headlines - Spotted: Ford Escort RS1600i...
  10. W

    Any Mk1 Escort gurus here?

    This has caught my eye. Track Day Cars : Stunning Grp4 Escort Mk1 Are there any gurus who can advice on suitable values and points of note of these cars? I suspect the top money goes to original examples, but a track prepared one would suit me nicely :)
  11. wheels-inmotion

    Mk1 Escort for sale, only 65k

    Tempting...> 1969 Ford Lotus Escort RARE! on eBay (end time 15-Dec-10 08:09:16 GMT)
  12. 300CE

    MK 1 1969 Ford Lotus Escort RARE

    Anyone else think this is slightly overpriced?! 1969 Ford Lotus Escort RARE! on eBay (end time 15-Dec-10 08:09:16 GMT)
  13. smillion

    Sweet MK1 Escort Van with ST170 engine

    FORD MK1 ESCORT VAN on eBay (end time 20-Oct-10 16:14:46 BST) As someone whose first car was a MK1 Escort in the 70's, this really is lovely, if a little expensire. Very clean and sweet, and not a boy racer machine. Not to all tastes I know but a nice concept i think... Marc
  14. W

    My "other" car

    This is my Escort 1300E. 39k from new.Original condition apart from respray about 6 years ago. I have only done 90 miles in it in the last year so will be selling shortly :( There is now some corrosion in the rear edge of the front wings and the osr inner wheelarch but it has never failed an MOT
  15. mercmanuk


    ive been looking for a mint rs turbo escort series 1 or an rs1600i for the past year with no luck.just found this on ebay think the guy has been sectioned,the seats look good but the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING SHOWCAR CUSTOM MODIFIED RS TURBO NO PX/SWAP on eBay (end time 29-Aug-09 14:31:07 BST)
  16. robert.saunders

    Incredible-to-watch police 'escort' thru' London

    Apologies if this has been posted or mentioned before, but I haven't seen it. Clearly this isn't a recent event and I assume before the prolific use of helicopters for such movement of human organs, such a task was genuinely amazing (known, it seems, as "The Liver Run") It's edge of the seat...
  17. glojo

    Escort RS 2000 or Golf GTi

    Well my son has served his apprenticeship with his Escort 1.6i, now he is thinking about something different. The purchase is solely down to him so he is looking at a 1996 type vehicle. Ha anyone got any knowledge, experience about either and are there any known weak points to look out for...
  18. 190ian

    Escort cosworth Engine +190e=450bhp

    Mercedes Benz 190E Sportline DTM Cosworth This car started its life in Germany, when a man bought it new in 1987. The man, however, wasn't the least interested in its original specs, and sent the car straight to Roland Asch. Described as a known DTM-racer and supposably also engineer of...
  19. P

    4 chavs and an escort in one go :)

    Allmost wiped four chavs and a mark III escort off the map this morning, after they shot a right hand give way line at about 30!!! The road they entered was a national speed limit road as well... Only thanks to the ABS I missed the side of the car by about a foot horn blaring all the way down...
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