1. 1wpb

    E-series seat handle turns to razor edge

    I've just bought a 2011 E220 coupe - very nice car. Its warranty period has passed. The only problem I've found is with the chromed handles that tilt and slide the front seats. I don't know what the core of the handles is made of but they are covered by a 2-sided thin metal sheet which is...
  2. Y

    E-Series (84) steering wheel

    Hi, does anyone know whether a steering wheel from an e-series (84) is interchangable with a 190e (92), or to put it another way.. would an aftermarket wheel fitted to the e-series, fit my 190e? Thank you for any advice/comments. P.S. there are no air bags on either.
  3. K

    Water Leak-320 E-Series Coupe

    All, With last night's downpour, I've got water appearing in the boot of my 320CE. It's dripping from a point on the underneath f the parcel shelf, just below the speaker. I've noticed the rubber seal at the top corners of the rear windscreen has a small gap in it..............have I...
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