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  1. J

    2002 W163 ESP/BAS C1178 fault

    Hi My facelift ML270 throws the odd orange ESP/BAS fault light, when I look with diagnostics it shows C1178 C1178 (Steering Angle Sensor Not Initialized) Not the brake switch - I don't think, mine doesn't have the pedal switch only the brake booster switch. It will reset, and be fine...
  2. F

    Is W210 E55 ESP/BAS module coded?

    My car is being a pain in the ass. Some of the pins on the big silver ECU (at the very back of the ECU box nearest the bulkhead) I found bent, others seem shorter like they've been pushed in. I've straightened the bent ones and reconnected the short ones temporarily with bits of wire but I just...
  3. D

    Help esp/bas

    Hi My 2004 clk320 has got 2 malfunctions Bas and esp defective is this going to cost loads Any help please ??
  4. C

    2003 W168 A210 - ESP/BAS and ABS lights on

    Hey guys, the combination stalk on my A210 couldn't flash the headlight, so ordered one from Euro's, took to a local garage to fit, and now the bloody ESP/BAS AND the ABS lights are both on. The guy that fitted the stalk disconnected the battery prior to disassembling the steering wheel, fitted...
  5. B

    ESP/BAS light problem

    Hi all, I have a 2003 ML 270cdi with auto box, yesterday I went to start the car and as soon as I touched the foot brake to select drive the ESP/BAS light came on and the transmission is firmly stuck in park. I have managed to 'Beat' the light by 'snatching' drive as the engine fires up, I can...
  6. B

    Codes for esp/bas fault

    i have just got back from the garage and the esp/bas fault has 2 codes showing C1200 STOP LAMP SWITCH S9/1 PLAUSABLITY AND P1584 STOP LAMP SWITCH I HAVE CHANGED THE SWITCH BEHIND THE BREAKE PEDEL AND THIS IS STILL COMING UP. ANY IDEARS. MARK
  7. O

    2000 CLK 230k esp/bas problem

    Hi I've been having trouble with my esp/bas light coming on intermittently, seems that if I go really slowly thru the gears (not going above 2000 rpm) I can sometimes stop the lights coming on (although engine management light is permanently on), if I get up to 3rd gear the problem stays away...
  8. nadeem

    ESP/BAS Malfunction + ABS Light

    Hi, As per title on my S320 cdi checked all fuses and replaced the brake light switch. Fault codes C1022 Can Communication with ECM or CDI disruption C1024 Can Communication with EIS Module C1204 BAS Diaphram travel sensor open-circuit cable short circuit C1200 Stop lamp Switch...
  9. SL300-24

    Help...W140 ABS ESP/BAS lights stay lit!

    I have a problem with my S600 W140 that I require some info on. I have not driven the car for about 2 months and it has been connected to an optimate battery charger/conditioner. When parked up it was fine, however when started and driven on Saturday the ABS and ESP/BAS lights in the dash...
  10. B

    Rear number plate light - + ESP/BAS warning light help?

    The O/S rear license plate light on my 2003 CLK 270 CDi has stopped working - the warning light on dash board comes on as expected. BUT... I have tried a new bulb- still doesn't work! Tested the fitting and no power/volts going to it! Stripped boot lid carpet to access fitting and tested...
  11. I

    ESP/BAS warnings - but not the brake switch

    6 month old C class, after 4 weeks had the ESP/BAS failure message that disppears after restart and in fact both systems appear to still work. After 4 more months the warning message became more frequent so got the car to the stealer. They did the standard replace of the brake switch already...
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