1. KillerHERTZ

    1999 W202 C200 Esprit, (Manual) - Non Runner / Spares or Repair

    I tried my best to get it ship shape, did all the rust work and cleaned it up to a decent standard but its now failing to start - starter motor failed? was running 2 weeks ago. Im not mechanically knowledgeable to get it running again. -1999 W202 C200 Espirt Manual - One of the very last W202...
  2. A

    W202 W reg C200 Esprit for sale

    W202 W reg C200 Esprit for sale First registered on 01 03 2000 I purchased this car in particular as it has virtually no rust and was thinking of doing a project, 96349 miles on the clock Service history stamped until 83116 on 2012 and MOTs back to 2010 Then it had a service on...
  3. clashcityrocker

    selling price for 1999 esprit

    was going to trade the car against a nice 2004 avantgarde se would i be better seling private and how much should i sell for its a 1999 w 202 in white and in great condition with low milage and recently refurbished amg wheels
  4. alan1304

    W202 Esprit M.O.T.

    Hi everyone. Well that's another one out of the way. Total cost.... £90, including the £40 MOT fee. Needed 1 tiny bit of welding on the front offside inner wing/wheelarch.:D That's it.... nothing else. This car never ceases to amaze me. 1998.... 165000 miles..... paid £500 for her in July 2011...
  5. K

    W202 c180 esprit buying advice.

    As above any help will be most helpful in information for what to look for when buying a 2000 esprit c180. Have searched but no real luck. Cheers.
  6. U

    Mercedes C180 Esprit AMG C36 Replica

    Nice colour Mercedes C180 Esprit AMG C36 Replica | eBay
  7. NW_Merc

    W202 C180 Esprit For sale

    The time has come to sell my current W202. It is a 'V' reg 1999 model. Specs: Obsidian Black metallic paint 1799cc engine Black cloth interior Folding mirrors Alloy wheels The car is a good runner and I will be sad to see it go. £1250 ovno. Pics to follow
  8. M

    My c180 Esprit w202

    Hi members, I am a new member, my info is in another thread I started in the new members section. Anyway here is my Merc.
  9. R

    1999 c180 esprit estate window prob,,,plz help

    hi all i new here but 3rd merc ive owed ,,,plz can any1 help,my elec windows are not working is it a relay etc , thanks
  10. dervdoc

    w202 c250td esprit cruise control not wrking

    iv not long bought my 2nd merc, 98 c250td esprit auto, the speed limiter function is working but cruise doesnt seem to be, it did work but only stayed on for 3o secs an disengaged, and handy fixs or advice, thanx
  11. TGChilds

    New Member - 202 C180 Esprit Auto

    Hello All I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while, and considered it just about time to sign up and show everyone my motor. As the post title suggests, she is a 1998 202 C180 Esprit Auto, purchased for the princely sum of £700 just before Christmas. She has a little over 100k on...
  12. dervdoc

    im back, w124 in stoage, into a w202 c250td esprit

    im back!!! the 124 is hiding away until i get the time to get at her, but went back to merc and bought myself a 1998 c250td esprit body work needs tidied up but drives like a dream c&c welcome
  13. S

    Proper Cheap W202 200 Esprit **Bargain**

    I am selling my black C200 (1998 - S) as I am no longer driving. I think it's just touched 90,000 miles. The car is mechanically perfect, only problem I have had is an air flow meter which I replaced recently. Car is located in Falkirk, Central Scotland. Bodywork Good condition all round...
  14. D

    1994 Mercedes C180 Esprit £550

    Time has come for me to sell my C180 merecedes benz Its a great car and lovely to drive, the engine, gearbox and brakes all work fine The car has 10 months mot but no tax mechanically the car is spot on It has a few bodywork issues but nothing hideous The car has the usuall modern...
  15. D

    w202 c180 esprit

    I've just bought one of these and quite like it :) What makes it a "esprit" then ? was this a different trim option etc etc ?
  16. alanuk400

    2000 Mercedes C-Class esprit c230 kompressor £800

    Quote:- "high miles but runs sweet and burns no's a merc. faults.... some times it starts and some times it doesn't, very intermittent. i have put this down to a faulty solenoid on the starter or a weak battery. no big fix also she won't select reverse gear until the car is switched...
  17. big_amg

    W202 Sport & Esprit Auto Gear Knob

    Esprit knob in immaculate condition, sport one a bit tired and worn, £10 each plus postage or collection from east london.
  18. S

    Brake Caliper W202 1998 C220 diesel esprit

    needing an NSR brake caliper for the above car 1998 c220 diesel esprit 35mm piston 07845 040852
  19. Sonny Burnett

    My 180 Elegance/Bros C180 Esprit

    1997 C180 Elegance AUTO 130.000Miles Full Tan Leather Full WoodPack Avantgarde Gear Knob AMG Door Seals AMG Steering Wheel Clear Corners C36 AMG Rear Bumper 18" High polished MonoBlocks 225/40/18 All Round Lowered 40mm at front 25mm at Rear on Koni Sport Coming Soon: Rest Of C36 Kit Fitted...
  20. PJH

    Restored Lotus Esprit

    It appears the Lotus Esprit forum are a decent bunch too. :bannana: BBC link
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