1. Danny DeVito

    Esso lt71141 zf4hp20

    Is this oil used in many other auto boxes ? And how likely is it that a dealer would have lots of it in stock ? I just wondered because after i gave the parts man my vin he spent a long time searching then asked me is it 5 speed or seven, which sounded more like he just picked up the nearest...
  2. GRAV888

    Esso World Cup Coin Collection.

    I know there are some coin and other collectors on here and I'm having a clearout. Anyone want to make me an offer on this before I put it on Ebay? Folded it is A4 size, which opens up to double that. Edges a bit tatty, but otherwise intact. Reply by PM.
  3. culpano

    Esso "high performance" diesel...NOT

    I've read several reports that the Esso high performance diesel is the highest quality diesel fuel you can buy. Having used Shell Diesel Extra and BP Performance Diesel I thought I'd give it a try. So far the car is driving like a dog. I can't believe how sluggish the car feels and it's noiser...
  4. C

    Enhanced Esso Diesel ?

    Was contemplating an additional six mile journey to my nearest BP filling station this evening, to try out the BP Ultimate diesel. Thought better of it and settled for the normal Shell brew, but when picked up the nozzle emblazened all over the pump is advertising blurb claiming :-...
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