estate or saloon

  1. M

    Mercedes w204 C class estate/saloon cloth seats with airbags

    MERCEDES C CLASS W204 CLOTH INTERIOR ESTATE SEATS WITH AIRBAGS | eBay Taken out of a 2011 c class estate. Very good condition, taken out as they were replaced with full AMG seats. Comes with Undamaged airbags and can include door cards with AMG silver panels for the right price...
  2. philiggy

    124 estate/saloon wheel difference

    Anyone know what the difference is between the wheels on 124 estates and saloons (they look the same) but estates have stickers on them and on inspection they are 1244001002 and saloons have part number 1244001202. I would guess its loading but I wonder if in reality it would be okay to mix...
  3. KLP 92

    Are W202 rear shock absorbers the same on an Estate/saloon?

    I've been thinking about renewing the shocks on my W202 estate. I was wanderig do the estates and saloons use the same shock absorbers? I've seen the lorinser ones on ebay and was wandering if they would fit. Thanks
  4. 9

    Wanted: W124 300D estate/saloon

    Please reply if you have one for sale, cash waiting. thanks :)
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