1. B

    How many w211 E500 estates are there

    As the title says. How many are there in the UK? How many people own them here? 3 have been up for sale in the last month online, do they come up often? I'm in the market to buy buthe don't want a molested one if you k ow what I mean.
  2. A

    E Class estates dimensions - longer and lower

    We had a 211 and then a 212 estate and i was interested to learn that the boot on the 213 is a bit smaller, despite the length of the car increasing. Dimensions attached for 213, 212, 211. I couldn't find the 210 dimensions but my guess is that the boot is shorter but taller sill, with a flat...
  3. MikeInWimbledon

    S211 E500 how many estates amongst those 500 E500's ?

    Someone has told me that there are only about 20 Estate versions of the E500 in the UK. (S211 E500) Can anyone confirm this? I see that there are just under 500 E500's on, but clearly by far the majority of these are saloons. I'm being nagged to sell my 2004 E500...
  4. Aletank

    09 W204 Vs 2012 Passat Estates

    Just pondering future car purchases, I've had Mercedes for the past 13 years, always slightly older models. My GF had a brand new Vx Zafira and the build quality was poor compared to my older, probably 4/5 times cheaper Mercedes. I am maybe looking at a car change in the next 12 months or so...
  5. MikeInWimbledon

    How Many E500 Estates in the UK? tells me that there are only 140 E500 Elegance cars in the UK - but doesn't tell me the saloon / estate split. I would guess that 1 in 7 might be an estate. Which would make it only 20 estates in the UK. Can this really be true? Anyone know how I could find out?
  6. T

    210 estates also rust here

    Noticed small hole on the inside of the spare wheel bay Needless to say small hole turned into a big hole :eek:as it had been rusting from outside underneath the rear bumper by the time the loose rust was removed it was a sizeable hole Remember you cant see it from the outside as the bumper...
  7. pimpdriver

    W124 estates

    Hello, I'm normally a VW Audi man,but today I went to see a 7 seater W124 estate. I have always liked big Mercs. I have read the guidance on here (great advice)and the body was very sound, but the engine (M606 multivalve 3.0D non turbo) had a lot of leaks on it, so I didn't buy it (as I...
  8. J

    Pair of W124 E300 D Estates in Silver

    The love affair had to come to an end. The kids are all grown up, no more trips up and down the motorway dropping off and collecting them. Finally found a job locally so no more weekly trips down to London. I have been driving W124’s for the last 10 years. I will now be on the lookout for a...
  9. 219

    Looking at W203 estates

    Following the demise of my W124 , I started thinking about a replacement . My first thought was another W124 estate , but I soon realised that good ones are thin on the ground , besides that I only need estate capability occasionally and I want something reasonably cheap to run , so a smaller...
  10. trapperjohn

    210 Vs 124 Diesel Estates on ebay.

    I'm watching these two. For me it will be interesting to see the final prices of both. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  11. L

    Common Faults on w210 estates please?

    Hiya, I just bought a year 2000 E320 Elegance Estate w210, it's pretty straight & has been well looked after. Amazingly all it needs to get it up to sctratch that I can see is a little rust taken out of front wheel arches & under 2 door rubbers, new front springs to correct low rideheight OSF...
  12. gmk666

    BBC article about fast estates

    BBC News - 'School run supercars' Not the article I was expecting at all when I saw the headline. I thought it was going to be a load of Prius-driving Mumsnetters imploring us to 'Think about the children'. But no, it seems there's this new phenomenon of luxury executive cars that are quite...
  13. tintinmt

    The value of 124 estates

    Hi all. I am seriously thinking of buying an S124 as a daily driver. Trawling the internet brings up quite a few cars, but many can be dismissed on the gounds of spec or condition. I am looking for a 6 cylinder or a diesel out of personal choice, knowing they are generally more sought-after and...
  14. crankiejohn

    w203 estates

    :crazy:does the rear centre seat belt jam when folding the seat back up,mine does and its a pain.
  15. Q

    Seats swap W124 and W210 estates

    I've seen a leather interior advertised locally from a W210 estate. Is there any chance that the W210 interior will fit my W124 estate or would that just be too lucky? I've done a search and can't find the question answered anywhere, though I have found others asking the same question.
  16. S

    200TE & 230TE manual estates - gearbox interchangable?

    I'm new to this so please pardon any blunders here! Please could somebody tell me with 100% certainty that the gearbox, propshaft and clutch of a 1988 230TE are exactly the same and therefore transferrable to a 1990 200TE. They are both estates. Here's why: Since I bought her for £500 two...
  17. Deadhead

    Last of the W211 E220 Estates...

    Out yesterday looking to replace the 06 C220 Estate. Test drove a 6 month old Jag X type diesel. Good price and well-spec'ed but... it was small inside and when we got back to the dealer there was a strange oily smell from the front. Then went to MB Milton Keynes. Her indoors had been...
  18. Smarty

    Advice needed - Estates

    Hello all, Just joined as feel you are the best people to speak to as I would like to own a second hand Mercedes estate. I have not long turned 50 and feel I have earned the joy of driving a comfortable quality car. We own 5 dogs, two of them are Newfoundlands, if you know what they are they are...
  19. philiggy

    124 E220 Estates any good?

    Can anyone tell me what E220 engines fitted to 124 estates are like, is it a good unit, and does it feel under powered:confused: I have just spotted an immaculate one, I have had several of these but only with bigger engines. Phil
  20. Ade B

    Cheap 211 Estates

    They seem to within my grasp at c£10k.... What do I need to look for on say an 04 E270CDI with 100k on the clock.. Looking at pics on Autotrader there are a couple of nice ones.. Must have pale leather and lots of toys. Any thoughts? Ade
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