1. SK007

    Estimate for Bodywork on CLK W208

    Hello, This is my first post and I'm looking for advice for restoring my 2002 CLK. I have the usual rust spots on the arches, boot and bonnet, a few scratches and a couple of dents. I've had the car for over 8 years and would like to bring it back to it former glory. Do you know how much I...
  2. tonyc280

    Unbelievable Estimate.

    Well my car has been to repairers and they want £3700.00 for a small amount of body work. Dented passenger door, slightly scuffed front and rear bumpers and a new wheel. I was expecting it to be no more than £600.00. Looks like i'll have to say goodbye to my beautiful w202 c280
  3. TrickyTrev

    E55 service f - cost estimate? Feedback on some issues?

    So, after a week of work, I went to look at a low miler e55 today - previous post refers It is great, but needs some TLC - for example, it needs a replacement visor / vanity mirror cover, has some bird poop damage to the passenger side door paint finish, and I couldn't get the comand screen to...
  4. sinewave

    Never under estimate a Chimp!
  5. reggie musson

    £1000 superise estimate on my W209

    The display in the dash on my 2004 W209 CLK 2.7 D was telling me to visit the workshop due to break pad wear, although my new pads and discs had only covered 3,500 miles. Mercedes looked at the problem and found a fault in the sensor and while they had the car on the ramp gave it a health check...
  6. The Boss

    Cost estimate please

    Gents. on the w124 cabrio.. i need to get both rear window motors replaced and the front passenger motors replaced. putting aside the parts, how many hours labour is required to take of the trim, replace the motors with alignment for the window etc, and then to refit the trim? does 2 hours...
  7. Palfrem

    CL500 estimate of repair costs or write-off?

    Happy New Year all, Had a bit of a bend in the snow and my 2003 CL 500 hit a lamp post Now have list of parts required Bumper Bonnet Metal crash limiter Radiator grill Air con rad Coolant rad Headlamp wash Engine shield Paint wing Jig safety check Alignment check Road test...
  8. pupsi

    Help with an estimate!

    Am thinking about getting all the bushes replaced for the rear suspension including the rear subframe bushes. What should be a reasonable labour charge on something like this? None of the bushes need replacing but as im changing the rear struts and all the springs, was thinking about getting...
  9. gina2201

    Mpg estimate?

    Just wondering what you would possibly get mpg or miles per tank out of a e280 auto? thanks!:D
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