1. M

    Brabus Monoblock II 17x8 et30

    These have been a listed a few times already. Seems they may go cheaply. Mercedes Monoblock 2, 17 inch Brabus Alloys with good tyres. | eBay
  2. M

    4x Brabus monoblock IV 17"x8j et30

    These are comestically rough as a badgers behind (I think the prevuious owner attempted a home refurb without doing any prep) , but no buckles or cracks. I also have 3 of the alloy Brabus centre caps that also fairly rough with alloy corrosion, but easy to refurb. They're located in Swansea if...
  3. M

    W126 & W124 Carat Duchatelet 17x9 et30 wheels

    2 new tyres 205/40/17 2 old tyres 225/45/17 need replacing really come with centre caps a allen bolt, Ideally need a repaint or cut + polish I was going to paint them and use them as winters. 1 wheels has 2 little dings which doesn't affect the wheel balance could be put right easily...
  4. C

    17x8.5ET30 245/40R17 on rear of 124 possible?

    Is anybody running 17s or 18s on their 124 (C/W/S/A)? In particular, a 17x8.5 or 18x8.5 on the rear, and which tyres being used.. Data much appreciated!
  5. SimonsMerc

    Set of Brabus Monoblock IV 8Jx17H2 ET30

    For Sale: One set of Brabus Monoblock IV 8Jx17H2 ET30 wheels. They have an internal inscription as Monoblock IV 412-807-30, Brabus part number 0020599. They are lovely, and only have very slight kerbing from the gits who "borrowed" my car. They have a set of Michelin Pilot Sports on them...
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