1. DSLiverpool

    Buying etiquette (private sale) SL500 R129 (again)

    I accept the nicer cars cost more and it's easy to overlook the pricier ones on private sale as being sold by dreamers but after looking at this bloody car for a month that is very overpriced ( in my opinion and against other nice ones on sale) I thought I would consult the forum. 2 R129s stand...
  2. G

    Ebay Etiquette

    I'm interested in an w202 item on German Ebay and I just sent an email asking the seller if he'll ship overseas and how much it'd cost. He said that that it's possible to oblige my request and ship overseas, then he also added that he can sell it right now and I just need to make him an...
  3. D

    Petrol Station Etiquette

    Hi All, On my way home this afternoon I had to visit my local Shell. As I entered the forecourt, I noticed a chavved up Peugeot 306 was waiting at the entrance to the forecourt as all the pumps were occupied. Within 15 seconds there were at least 5 cars queuing behind me and the chav mobile...
  4. M

    Parking Etiquette - Take 2...

    Went for lunch yesterday at a local hotel/restaurant and parked up neatly between the car park white lines - no cars either side. Hmm, I thought, those bays look narrow. When I returned, the inevitable had happened - there was a lovely black Range Rover parked in the next bay - no way was I...
  5. M

    Parking Etiquette

    Arriving at Waitrose the other saturday with a simple plan of picking up a large poppy seeded bloomer, some cheese and cucumber to make a real kick ass sandiwch I find to my horror the car park is almost full. Two spaces left. One for Mother and Babies and the other for Handicapped drivers /...
  6. mark.t


    is this guy real not at the guys funeral and not on national t.v as well...his family are their to say good bye not listen to this gibberish the government where represented and the priminister will lead a memorial service when he returns
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