1. del320


    Disappointingly, after only six and a half years and 33350 miles, a slow puncture on the offside front, along with the clocks going back this weekend, hastened my decision to invest in four new tyres. For some reason which now escapes me, I had 205/65 Michelin Energy Savers fitted when the car...
  2. steve333


    New front tyres time & after a few calls/searches e-tyres have come out cheapest by some way(£484 a pair balanced/fitted/vat up against £606 mb brooklands for the same pirelli p-zero-m/o's),before i go ahead & buy them online has anyone used e-tyres before & if so any feedback good or bad please?
  3. AMGry Man

    E-tyres birmingham - great service

    Hi, Newbie here, but I thought I'd share my experience of E-Tyres in Birmingham. Found them on Blackberry whilst being low-loadered home yesterday afternoon, following front n/s blow-out on M6 at Knutsford (missing tube from tyre-weld kit - Doh!). Thought I'd give them a go as I could not...
  4. T


    Anyone used e-tyres (mobile tyre supply and fitting)? They are quoting £109 fully fitted inc VAT for a Conti sport contact 3 225/45 17W Merc fitment - and will come out to work or home to fit it. Just wondering whether anyone has had experience of using them and whether this price is ok?
  5. verytalldave

    E-Tyres Experiences ? ? ? ? ?

    Has anyone here purchased tyres from the online retailer E-tyres???? Having discovered a flat tyre tonight, and as all 4 are getting close to the limit I have decided to replace all 4 ASAP. Any experiences please - good or bad - or perhaps I should just go to Kwik-Fit?
  6. S

    etyres problem

    I purchased 2 tyres from etyres as they were 10% cheaper than ATS. The fitting was fine but when I next drove the car the balancing was very bad at all speeds above 50 mph. I reported the problem to etyres but the fitter never rang. I called again and the fitter rang back and promised to...
  7. M

    etyres prices

    I was about to put in an order for tyres but I noticed at the weekend that they've got a new web site and all the prices have gone up by about 20%. I phoned them up and they said that the prices had gone up "slightly". They were just competitive before but now they're a rip off. Anyon1e know of...
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