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    W211 E320cdi Eu3 or Eu4 ??

    Hi All, I have seen references of Eu3 and Eu4 for the E320cdi W211. How would I know which version I have? What are the differences? IceBoy

    EU4 to EU3

    Anyone know if its possible to convert an EU4 engine back to EU3? Car is a 2005 E320CDI (last of the straight 6 engines) I understand that the EU3 cars were 10% better on fuel economy
  3. T

    EU4 engines: fuel economy issues?

    I'm heading off to test-drive a March '05 E280CDI estate over the weekend, which the stealer tells me is the newish EU4 spec. (I'd thought that the EU4s only came in late last year to be compliant with the mandatory EU4 requirement from Jan-'06). Anyway, I read somewhere on the forum that the...
  4. Satch

    E320Cdi EU3 v EU4 engine

    Perusing the data sheets for the Estate looked the same apart from fuel consumption: EU3 engine: City 27.7, Extra Urban 45.6, Combined 37.2 EU4 engine: City 26.4, Extra Urban 42.2, Combined 34.9 Ah, the price progress.
  5. Satch

    Glowplugs and EU4 engines

    Seen quite a few threads about glowplugs and their treatment as consumable items recently. Suspect this may become even more of an issue with the introduction of EU4 compliant engines, some of which run their plugs on for some time after cold startup at high temperature. (Up to 15 minutes @...
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